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I Remember the Soul Plan

I will add an explanation of my channels. The numbers are codes importantly included in the text. It is not the intention to call or read them outloud but to acknowledge them. Their significance is to open through to the next portal or dimension and to anchor the energy given at that time. You are here for a reason...... just trust.

Each gate will open to the next field.....

Five people to run.

There will always be those who never learn or know, but do not stall time to find them. Move into the wonder to show the few who will. No competion, no sound to make, just walk forward. Take your knowledge to each corner, each gate will open to find the next field. Blue/white/red.

Walk openly, do not explain your time. The wall may seem high, so look for the door.

Proceed in the way of three. Seek nothing, find all.


Where you find the bridge will take you further, the key.

Either side will be waiting. Walking over will be the flow.

Maybe today or yesterday the time will not come to matter.

Build your own bridge - green, grey, red.

A lonely path no more, sunrises, light building.


Three Parts.

1) Openings, the start but midway. Built in sand to keep it fluid. No solid structure, just a plan. Made of a thousand parts, allow to flow.

2) Pilot the work to those in the Second degree. Seeking more, perhaps higher minded. Half will not understand but still be there. A purpose for each one to boost the numbers.

3) Work at strength. Numbers will grow for the higher plan. Feeling lost no more.

At last a place to feel at home, to fit in. Lonely no more.

More parts will evolve may be for you to take forward, but maybe not. Each part repeating again and again as the word spreads. The Ordinarys, the Wise and each inbetween. Allow yourself to step back as the time becomes good.

Release, not holding. Five will be there, ten will come. Understand it is perfect.

18,25,19,29,19,31,2,8,1,6. Code end.

Be at peace with new abilities. They have come. Show up.

Feel your soul pattern being alive.

Teaching out of boundaries. Release the fear.

April 1st 2021

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This one I read 3 times!

Julie Turner-Adkin
Julie Turner-Adkin

The codes do sink in more as you repeat them. 💜

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