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Here are some meditations

and videos of our Sound Baths 

to view and enjoy.  

If you're feeling inspired you can book your own private Gong & Sound bath

or check our the dates and locations of our Gong Baths

Grand Gong Bath at West Lexham

with Spiritual Flow

21st June 2020 Solstice

A walking Meditation.
Join me on my walk with a guided meditation to enjoy. June 2020

A walking Meditation.
Join me on my morning walk with a guided meditation to enjoy. June 2020

Sound & Gong Bath

Jackie and Julie share a 30 minute

Gong & Sound bath with you. 

Recorded on 23rd March, 2020

Sound and Gong Bath

A 20 minute Sound & Gong Bath.

Recorded 20th March 2020

Sound and Gong Bath

A 30 minute Sound & Gong bath with a meditation at the start for guidance.

Recorded 20th March 2020

Discovering the meaning of Crystals.

This meditation is an ideal way to get to know crystals and their energies.

Recorded 6th April 2020

A Spa Meditation.

A 15 minute meditation relaxing in a Spa Tub as requested by a client.  We all have different ways we like to chill out.

Recorded 13th April 2020

Cutting the Ties that bind.

This 15 minute meditation can help with relationships that are still affected by the energy of another person.

Meeting your guides.

This 20 minute meditation will help you to connect with your guides.

Recorded 10th April 2020

Chakra Meditation.

This 30 minute meditation takes you on a journey of your chakras.  Building every 7 years there is space to remember or just explore your own journey.  With time for contemplation and to allow your chakras to balance and your auaric field to glow.  There is a visual element to this meditation as well as the audio.  Enjoy.

Meditation for the Base Chakra

This Meditation will help you to focus on your base chakra. Find a place to relax where you will not be disturbed to listen to this recording. You may prefer to wear headphones or AirPods. Even if you fall asleep, you will still gain the full benefit from the contents of this meditation.

Inner Child Meditation

Discovering your inner child can often be the key to looking after yourself in a kind way, loving yourself with honesty.

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