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Elevate and Heal using Sound, Frequency and Vibration.

Heal the Energy of the Body, Clear the Mind and
Elevate our Spiritual Consciousness

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Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2024

Healing with Sound, Frequency and Vibration.  

Heal the Energy of the Body, Clear the Mind and Elevate our Spiritual Consciousness.

Come and join in this joyful weekend for a wonderful exploration of sound, frequency and vibration to Heal the Energy of the body, Clear the Mind and Elevate our Spiritual Consciousness.  For 1 to 1 therapy, sound baths, personal and group sessions.

Over the weekend course we will explore the use of crystal singing bowls, crystal singing bells, drums, gongs and frequency tubes.  Adding in percussion instruments such as Koshi chimes, chime bars, rain-sticks, brass singing bowls, wahwah, shamanic rattles, waterfall shakers, omni drum, thunder tubes, rain column, aura chimes, tuning forks, wave drum  and exploring the use of pyramids with sound.

You will gain a great deal of practical experience for how to offer sound healing in many ways:-


Journeying - Gong Baths - Self Healing - Sound Baths  - 1 to 1 Therapy

Energy Healing - Space Clearing - Group Sessions

Brought to you by Jae Hewitt - Intuitive 5d Healing and Julie Turner-Adkin - Healing Possibilities.

We have many years of experience with sound healing and presenting Gong and Sound Baths and wish to share our joy and knowledge with you, having fun and getting down to basics to bring you this accredited course.

Your investment will be £333.  A deposit of £80 will secure your place.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September

Starting at 10.00 through to 4.00 both days

Venue: Witton and Riddlington Village Hall.

Frequently asked questions:

Will I need to read music?  Absolutely not.  There is no requirement to be able to read music or keep to a beat or have rhythm.  By the end of the course you will feel confident to play intuitively to create the sounds.

Can I play sounds just for myself? Yes indeed.  Using the sounds for self healing is actually the best way to create your world. Drumming is an easy way to bring you back to your grounding.  All the sounds will enhance your own frequency and you can be creative when making a session just for yourself.

Will I be able to gain insurance from this course to use as a therapy on clients?   Our course is verified through IPHM Training Provider Accreditation and you will be able to present your certificate to your insurance company to add on to other therapies you are currently insured for, or as a therapy in its own right.

Take a look at our course in action....

Adele Gong Playing
Basic Kit
Jae and Jiulie
Practitioner Bells
Crystal hand bells
the Room Set up
pyramid healing
one 2 one sessions
pyramid chimes
Koshi Chime
Chime Bars
Drums sound bath
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