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Auricfield Tuning Practitioner Diploma Course

**NEW** You can obtain a qualification over a two day period.  Case studies are included within the course time. 

Auricfield Tuning Practitioner Diploma Course

Dates for 2022:

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April  

Unlock the memories held within your auricfield to release the triggers. Habits that have seemed unbreakable can be released with this therapy. Looking at chakras, ages, auras, using vibration and crystals are the perfect combination.

Tuning forks will be available for you use on the course which you can then purchase if you wish.  You are welcome to bring your own tuning forks to use too.

You will study a complete treatment using tuning forks in the auric field.  Your guide will be a dowser and your intuition.  This is something that will develop the more you use it and mostly as you come to trust it.  Tuning forks can also be used within other therapies – Reiki, Crystals, Sound for example.  The list is not exhaustive by any means.  I often choose the forks over my crystal wands within a treatment even though their energies are the same. 

The chakras will be your main education base.  Learning and understanding the ages in relation to chakra development will expand your knowledge of reading the Auricfield.  The vibration and frequency of the tuning forks are used within the Auricfield to read and then clear trigger points that have developed throughout the client’s life time.   It helps with your intuition to use a dowser as it takes you away from your own limited mind.  Learning to tune in literally to the energy presented.  

Using the full therapy brings a definite, unmistakable change to the way the client thinks and reacts.  Previous triggers no longer exist so their behaviour is naturally different.  Noticeably so by their family and friends too.  I have been literally blown away with the results from clients who are living their lives to the full and enjoying who they are, free from the memories held in the past. You can use the sessions to discover why weight stays, or habits continue and break those cycles and habits.

I have carried out these therapies remotely and etherically even when the client is in another country.  The results are stunning.  
Welcome to the world of limitless healing.

2022 Dates 10.00 to 4.00 each day
February 26th and 27th
April 9th and 10th

£295 is the fee for this practitioner course
£100 deposit is required to secure your place. 
A payment link for the deposit will be sent after your request is confirmed.
Balance of £195 due 48 hours before the course.

Venue: The Old Barraks. Petyguards Hall, North Pickenham Road. Sporle. Norfolk PE32 2EQ


Check out this great offer from Norfolk County Council to help with your course fees.

If you would like to take this course on weekdays this can be arranged, also if you feel you need more time to do the work
I can tailor the course to meet your needs.  Please do get in touch. 

Tel: 07392301463

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