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Auricfield Tuning


Auricfield Tuning.  Sound Healing

Raising your frequency and bringing your energy into alignment to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Solfeggio tuning forks are used on and around your body to balance and align your auric field.  Working at a deep level, the vibrations help with clearing and releasing past patterning on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, enabling you to step into the future with ease. 

Your auric field surrounds your body, expanding around 5 to 6 feet.  It holds the messages of your life within this area known as the aura.  Working with the tuning forks within the layers the story unfolds.  You will feel a definite shift from the very first treatment.  Old injuries that have been holding you back for years can disappear.  Habits that have seemed unbreakable can be released.  

Ultimately it is up to you to decide upon your wellbeing.  From the many case studies I carried out, three treatments seem to be the magic number to really shift and hold the benefits.  Most of the case studies have since returned for more top-up treatments, stating how they have enjoyed the benefits of their new found health.

In all my work I look to encourage people to maintain their good health.  It is true to say that often people start their journey with me when they aren't feeling so good, but have then realised the ultimate way forward is to remain on top form.  To recognise that receiving healings when you are already well can only increase your immune system and help you to feel as though you can fly.


I am very excited to be offering this treatment in Norfolk. Sound really seems to be the way forward.  For more information please get in touch.

The price reflects the longer appointment time required for these initial sessions.

Your investment for an appointment is  £58

You now have the opportunity to learn this therapy as a Practitioner.

Client Feedback

AuricField Healing is, I believe, a life changing therapy.  Evidence comes from those who have experienced this technique.

Suzi very kindly sent me her feedback after a second session.

"I wasn’t sure initially if the feelings I had post session were just due to a bit of TLC & a natter with someone understanding. But it hasn’t passed, and its better every day.

 I feel “unshackled” that's the word that keeps reoccurring in my head. Like I can swing my arms whereas before they were bound (not that i have ever wanted to swing my arms and found myself unable, but this is what I’m seeing). 

I feel like I have been given my words back ; for so long i have struggled to get the right words out in a very literal sense but now they’re all there. I communicate in a calm & heard & unhurried way because I don’t need to shout or be repetitive to be understood.

I have energy! I am completing tasks, focusing on what i want to achieve each day and doing it. And when its done, i stop because I’ve done what i wanted and that’s enough. 

I feel settled & calm & present in my body in a million ways I can’t describe. 

I will always be very grateful for this gift, thank you. Blessed solstice & Merry Xmas!  Suzi "

Recordings of Treatments

AuricField Healing.

The following videos show three healings carried out distantly for a client who lives in Hungary. 

We have never met up other than on video calls.  The feedback from the treatments has been remarkable and changes very gratefully noted. 

Fascinating to watch, each treatment ends with a sound bath. 

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