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Pyramid Holographic Healing System

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Copper Pyramids used for healing have a historical background.

Copper has a long history of use in many forms as a non-precious metal. The Sumerians and Chaldeans used copper for tools, art, and ceremony around 5000 – 6000 years ago. Today, we see copper used all the time in modern technologies for its efficiency as a conductor for heat and electricity

The metaphysical properties of copper are well known and used in many different structures and creations to support well-being. Copper is most useful in acting as a bridge to the physical and spiritual or etheric body. As a bridge, it assists in alignment and connection between these two aspects. Copper is a conductor of higher energy, healing, physical support, and feelings of alignment.

Copper is said to support heart health, tissues, and red blood cells. One may associate copper with the heart chakra for this reason, but it is also a great supporter of the lower chakras like the root and sacral chakra. This is because of its reddish-orangish metallic colour.

With such excellent and supportive properties, it makes sense that copper would be an excellent non-precious metal for meditation for those looking to increase balance, awareness, and overall health.

Pyramids are embedded in our history as ancient technology that still marvels the mind and spirit. One may think of Egypt, sacred geometry, temples- pyramids contain all of that wisdom and more.

A pyramid is a form that is able to collect and distill energy in a potent form. Pyramids are known for their power, ability to protect, and capacity to preserve. The point of a pyramid drawn in energy from the universe and concentrates it within the geometric shape. When we look through history, we can find many pyramids created throughout the ages. 

I studied this program in 2007 and have worked with these energies for many years since.  During a recent meditation I was given the insight to bring the Pyramid Healing into my practice once more, to incorporate the Platonic Solids and Holographic Healing.  A mind blowing combination.

How does Pyramid Holographic Healing work?

You will be seated within the pyramid structure, surrounded by the Platonic Solids, placed in the directions specific to their shape.  Calling in the elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit adding additional healing properties to the session. 

Tetrahedron for brain integration, activating the magnetite crystals to erase old programming.

Cube brings understanding of past, present and future integrations within the recorder cell.

Octahedron returns the fractured shard of self.

Dodecahedron for soul-spirit integration.

Icosahedron to unlock the akashic records.

The holographic healing brings together different levels of spiritual understanding for advanced forms of physical and spiritual healing. 

When a hologram is broken or cut up into small pieces, each small portion contains information about the whole object.  All the information of the whole body is contained in each minute part of the whole.  When accessed, entire systems can be repaired. Creating a geometric patterning to create an inherent force field.  By taking the memories back to their perfect blueprint, it creates a healing holographic energy field.

A unique healing code is downloaded and placed within your energy to create this bliss state for your mind and body. 

Bringing you back to a state of neutrality.

What can the healing be targeted for?

Quite literally anything that you feel is blocking or stopping you from moving forwards.  

On an emotional level clearing fears and anxiety, often held from past lives.  Clearing the time lines.

Allergies, body areas, muscles, bones, strengthening energetic pathways, hormonal balancing, weight loss, aligning life mission, enhancing relationships, cellular communication, trauma, karma, past lives, bringing clarity to your world. 

The list is vast and almost endless. Peace and calm restored.

Sound, vibration, frequency and intention are key to the healing.  Using the vibration of Solfeggio Tubes and Tuning Forks to bring these frequencies into the energy field. 

If you are curious, book a session to try for yourself.

Please book your experience from the button below or message for further details.

Cost of an appointment is £48

A review from Pippa Newman after her experience of the treatment in May 2024

"After starting my journey at the beginning of the year with Julie teaching me both Tarot and Reiki -which I would highly recommend - I wanted to experience a healing with her. The holographic pyramid healing is so powerful & such a beautiful experience. I am making big changes in my life after discussion we established some intentions for the session. Throughout I could feel energy shifting in both my mind & body. Afterwards I had lots to process & Julie was wonderfully accommodating and so generous with her time listening to me! But as I left I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. I woke the following morning with no feeling of anticipation about the day ahead I just felt light & balanced. All the tension I usually hold in my neck & shoulders has gone! I highly recommend this healing.


I feel like my body and mind have been realigned and I'm ready to pursue my new path feeling energised and motivated."

Pyramid Healing
platonic solids
Pyramid Healing
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