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Tarot Card Course

Saturday 12th October 2024  £80  10.00 am to 4.30 pm

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Tarot Card Reading Course

Saturday 12th October 2024  10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Tarot cards are the original way to make a reading.  Often feared because of the Death card and the dramatic pictures for The Tower.  Whereas in reality the Death card simply means New Beginnings and the Tower shows a dramatic change is coming. 

The Minor Arcana 56 cards, comprising four suits.

Learning to understand the meaning of each suit and the corresponding numbers.  Looking at the pictures for clues to really fix the cards into your memory.  Exploring using your intuition and knowledge to bring about a greater understanding.  You can use effective spreads with just these cards for readings.

The Major Arcana 22 cards embellish the story.  Each card builds a picture to add with the Minor Arcana cards.  Beginning with 0 - The Fool, each card trying to show how the fool is taught about life, past and future. 

I have always felt the tarot cards give a more exact reading.  Being blunt and to the point, leaving no doubt of the meaning.  However, always being aware that free will and interpretation are strong, knowing that it is never good to live your life by the cards, using their story for building awareness to situations of the past and where you can, hopefully, move into a different direction for your present and future.

You will be shown how to make simple spreads with only three cards, building to a full ten card reading.  With practice and patience, you will be able to offer guidance for yourself and friends and family.  I also offer guidance on how to give readings for others, reminding of the importance to remain impartial and never offer your own advice within the session.  People will remember the reading, good and bad parts and even knowing they should never base their life around the reading, they will!

It is a good addition to being a complementary practitioner as the cards can offer guidance as a visual tool for clients.  Being a clairvoyant tarot reader does come in handy.

I feel it is essential to own a set of cards for this workshop, I will focus on the Rider Waite pack of cards.  The Radiant set are particularly good for interpretation as the pictures are somewhat updated from the original pack and are easier to get the meaning embedded into your memory. Set of cards is £17.00  Please say if you would like a pack of cards when booking your place. If you have other sets you would like to bring along, that is great.  We can compare them to help with the interpretation.

There will be some reading for you to complete before the course to ensure learning on the day runs smoothly.

Cost for the day workshop is £80.  Deposit of £30 required on booking.

Balance to be paid 48 hours before the course date.

£17.00 for the set of cards to use during the workshop.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place for all courses.

Personal tuition:  If you feel you would like to learn the Tarot on a private basis this will suit you.

Private 1 to 1 teaching of Tarot.  5 hours for £152  Deposit of £52 on booking

If you feel you would benefit from this tuition you can book your own date.

 To begin your learning you may like to read these blogs to help you understand the minor cards in tarot.




Angel Card Course

Angel Card Reading Course - please ask for details of available dates.

Learn how to read the cards to offer guidance, inspiration and help with decisions to move forward in your life. 

By getting to really know and understand the meanings of your cards, you can make better use of them when you are feeling lost or in need of help.  

By the end of this one day course you feel confident to read the cards for yourself and offer readings for your friends and family.  A great sharing tool. 

You do not need to bring your own cards as I have many packs you can use.


A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place for all courses.

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