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Julie Turner-Adkin


Born in Norfolk,  Julie's holistic journey began in 1994 when she studied Therapeutic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology. (Association of Natural Medicine. ANM)     (Please note I no longer offer Massage as a therapy.)

In 1995 she studied Aromatherapy to use the healing properties of the essential oils, with her massage techniques. (International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. IIHHT)
In 1996 Julie studied Reflexology and was amazed that her client's bodies really were mapped out on their feet!! (ICHT)

In January 2000 was the start of a two-year study course of Crystal Healing. This therapy and its background brought about many life changes for Julie - a real journey of self-discovery. (Spiritual Venturers Association. SVA)

Julie was completing the Crystal Healing course in 2002 when the EIP work was being introduced to her tutor, Lisa Ireson, and it seemed a natural follow on for her to become involved.
Eip of DNA (Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA) was the first course, completed in 2002.
Masters Rapid Healing - 2003
Advanced Masters Rapid Healing - 2004
Ancients Secrets of Manifestation - 2004

Holographic Healing - 2005
Doorway to the Sacred Heart - Advanced Crystal Healing - 2005
Evolved Soul Healing - Advanced Crystal Healing - 2005

Julie had a busy and successful practice in Norfolk until 2003 when she moved to France to continue her practice and run holiday therapy workshops.

September 2006, Julie moved back to Norwich to re-establish her practice here.

July 2010 – Manicure and Pedicure training. Julie had felt that ‘beauty’ treatments were not as valid as the healing work she offered – but then she tried these treatments whilst on a holiday, and realised the true value of the complete relaxation mixed with a pampering experience.

February 2012 - Gua Sha (TCM) In 2012 I found out about a therapy that has changed the way I work with massage. Gua Sha therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and has been practiced consistently for thousands of years. Gua Sha therapy can be used in a full range of treatments to promote the body’s self-healing ability. Gua Sha is a safe, effective and reliable therapy and does not cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

I have been amazed at the long term effect from the results of using Gua Sha within my usual massage.


September 2012 - Level 2 Counselling Skills. (Psycho-spiritual) CPCAB

As a therapist I spend time listening to clients telling me of their stories.  I really benefited from taking this course for both my personal development and my ability to help people on a deeper level.


September 2013 - USUI Reiki Level I and Level II (Practitioner Level) A Place of Springs.

Study with Carol Almond.

Reiki is a wonderful Universal energy that I am honoured to have connected with.  It is such a valuable skill to deepen and mature my healing ability.


January 2015 - Usui Reiki Master.  Taking this therapy to an even deeper level.  To allow myself to recognise my own failings and to continue to practice acknowledging the great continual challenge as a human BEing.  Learning to BE and accept.  Now offering attunements for all levels of Reiki.


Also in January I attended a Mindfulness Course.  I feel the concept of mindfulness go hand in hand with the principals of Reiki.


During 2015 my clairvoyance ability has strengthened and I am now offering readings.

Throughout 2015 and 2016 I held courses for Reiki levels 1 and 2.  Also hosting Angel Reading Workshops to help clients with their own reading abilities to grow. 

2017 - My first Masters teach, really looking forward to  bringing my students up to this amazing level.  I will be holding Tarot card reading workshops throughout the year.  My first audience for clairvoyance was very inspiring and I will be holding more and larger audiences.

2018 - Teaching Crystal Healing to practitioner level. Holding Spirit & Destiny evenings with larger groups with my co-host Jackie Hewitt.  

2020 - Became a Sound Healing & Therapy Practitioner.  Building up the Gong Baths to visit 5 venues each month. Teaching Gong Practitioner Level and Auricfield Tuning.

2023 - The story continues........  Creating our very own The Complete Sound Practitioner Course - Jae and I created a module to bring sound into everyone's world in a very accessible way.  A program for use with 1 to 1 sessions, Sound Baths and for self healing too.  My Healing Pod has been built in my garden for a wonderful healing experience for clients.

The magic of being held in the energy of the log-type cabin, surrounded by a pyramid, sound, crystals and creativity. 

I believe that we all have the knowledge to heal ourselves - we just seem to have forgotten, but by re-awakening this ability, we can, once more, take control of our own destinies.

Jae Hewitt     Tel: 07519934091      Email:

Intuitive 5dhealing - Jae Hewitt  on Facebook


I stepped onto the path to enlightenment 30 years ago, The quest led me from psychology into the study of dreams and symbolism. Here I found numerology - the secret of numbers and how they represented the energetic frequencies of every individual and the underlying blueprints of the universe.

I went on to study the body's energetic nature with various healing modalities including Reiki, crystal healing and sound therapy. It was with sound therapy that I found my passion for playing the gong and it's power to transform mind, body and spirit with frequency and vibration.


Throughout all this I was also exploring meditation and the ability to 'disconnect', after many, many amazing journeys and visions, I am now exploring the ability to 'connect' and some of the channellings are the result of that opening.......


Ultimately we humans only use about 10 percent of our brains so the enlightenment continues..................


Our joint history

Jae Hewitt and I began our Gong Baths early in 2019 and these have grown in popularity.  We have 6 gongs and a vast range of percussions instruments that resonate beautifully to bring a healing vibration to your body and mind.  Sound had a special way of bringing healing to people.


In 2021 we launched our Drumming Circles as a way to find community.  Whilst the Gong Baths will help with your private journey, the circle formed with our drumming, brings the group energies together. 


You are able hire us out for your very own Gong Bath or Drumming Circles.

A great idea for yoga retreats or even a special birthday treat.  Contact us for details. 

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