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Clairvoyant Evenings

Image by Andraz Lazic

Clairvoyant Evenings

You can book group readings by inviting interested friends round for an afternoon or evening of Clairvoyance. 

Parties of 6 minimum with a cost of £24 per person (collected by the host). A great alternative to 'Tupperwear parties' held long ago!

These evenings are a great way to see how we can interact with the spirit world.  Always light hearted - spirit have a great sense of humour that comes through to share with you.  Proving there is more to life than well life!

I also include ways to expand your own life path with readings.  Not everyone will always get a message if it is a larger group, but you will all have a brilliant evening.  


An audience with ......

An evening can also be booked for larger venues, please contact me with your details.

I am happy to be approached to attend charity events, please contact me for details of my fee. 

Private Readings are £46.00
For a home/work visit an additional charge of £10.00 (15 mile radius)
Telephone or Video readings are also available.  

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