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Attune our ears

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Attune our ears

The blue light comes to the fore. Carry each one away into the light.

Take one step at a time.

Into your mind - your ground, all around.

Pray into the centre all around.

The voice will speak louder through your head with no words, just vibrations.

Each will understand in turn, without explanations or holding places.

To be repeated in many dimensions as the voice has a message for all lines of communications.

No fear comes with the message but there will be fear. Misinterpretation will be high.

A clear translation will be needed but maybe just not heard anyway.

Those that can will act and take advantage of this new instruction. Be there at the start.

Move into the vortex beneath your feet - slide with ease. This is another dimension we are waiting for you. Come with "self" to renew your vows. Happy and joyful is forward. No more.

Portal 1 - Higher realms

Portal 2 - Middle places, etheral beings

Portal 3 - Perspectives who know how to fly into this "self"

Several keys needed to open up new areas for all to come to. All have choice, but must choose. Take ribbons with you, colours, to note the way. Always forward.

Reiki will not be there - phase of new un-called healings. No label, a new knowing.

People will filter through into this dimension but not seen as they are now. Their outer will be who is seen. Just as. The new already know.

Filling the boat to come home - guided. Kindly.

Bringing memories of healings and to pass on.

2nd November 2020

The boat to take you home ......

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