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Deep Cellular Healing

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Deep Cellular Healing

Bring the golden light

Bring in the golden light

Riding in on horse back

To start the dream

Long to stare

To see where it is - ending - beginning -the same.

My voice will rise up

In the canyon of light

Bringing forth the justice

Seeing, being,

Loosing ....... to gain nothing

But to have the new 'all'

Nothing will become of stealth

Sacred rolls to display

Making time to speak

Not the truth, but the vision

Moving into the light

at such an amazing speed - no stopping, blisteringly scary.

But so satisfying. Deepening. Sailing.

To see the other side

Filled with sound, light, colours, sensations

The void will not come

Who will be there is already listed

Not in any order, just a list

All of one importance

All with one duty, role, place

Firing into the distance

to call those still waiting.

"Join us" we shall say,

and they will.

Bringing their robes, finary, their 'gold'

Sitting up high to sing their message

to bring their light.

​​​​​​​All will be ONE.

18th March, 2021

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