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Calling, Calling, Calling

Calling, calling, calling

Be ready to step on the line - move forward.

Each of you to make a new place.

Worry for the fear this will bring, separation.

Chance to get over this. Worry will destroy the calm.

Make no more. Means nothing.

Take calm-ness to recreate the words,

to make sense, fit in. Welcome to those all.

Three wires, grounded and looped together.

Hold on to the loop to treasure the journey.

1,8,21,15,18,16,13,212,213,18,15 .....

Seek and find the pattern. Coded in my numbers. Set in. Gold.

We'll be there, to know your pattern.

Gift you a colour, see through it all.

Each a mentor for two others, making the numbers up.

Mass education, to change the pattern if required.

Time scall of 101 years - part you, pass on.

Never be an ending. We are from the past and the future.

Each dimension has a train to fill, capacity, winning.

Look for the padded field, soft calming, so green.

The journey is not continuous, but stop & start.

It will piece together a meaningful route. Gaps in between.


The other side is so close now. Step in and look for yourself.

Judge everything, question it all.

Then walk forward feeling sure or not but forward you will go.

8,7,51,39,21,27,1,2,8,30 code end.


Channelled 8th April 2021

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