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Spiritual Stuff & More Circle/Workshop

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Spiritual Stuff and More


Discover your Guides, Guardian Angels and Arch Angels.

"How can I recognize my guides?" is one of the most asked questions after a healing session.

In this workshop we will find a way for you to call in your guides and get the most out of their kindness and guidance.

Mind: Meditations to clear and open your mind to bring in their energy and how guides can play a part of our daily lives. Tapping into their presence and guidance.

Body: Using the vibration of the drum to draw your Angels closer to you.  Opening up our chakras, energy centers, creating a clear space around our auras to lay down a pathway for the Angels to step right into the space.

Spirit: Choosing crystals with higher guidance to feel a step closer to using and listening to your intuition 

An afternoon of deep healing, higher knowledge, bringing the Mind, Body & Spirit to balance.

Light refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

Saturday 23rd September.  1.30 to 4.00 £22

East Ruston Village Hall, School Road, NR12 9JD

Saturday 11th November  1.30 to 4.00  £22 is our next date Meeting Fairies and Dragons.

Finding the lighter side of your life with the fairies and stepping into your power with the dragons.

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