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Spiritual Workshop

Spiritual Workshop


Working with Past Lives

If you've ever been curious about past lives or wondered how they affect your world now?

Come along to our first workshop of 2024 to discover together where you have travelled.

Have your past lives played out into your present world?  Can you transfer skills previously known to enhance your knowledge? Can you re-awaken and enhance your psychic abilities and intuition?

Mind: Your mind has a great ability to tap into all that was, all that is and all that will be.

Body: Your body holds the messages in your physical being, waiting be to cleared and brought forward.

Spirit: Your soul plays out patterns, remembering experiences and shaping your path.

An afternoon of deep inspiration, higher knowledge, bringing the Mind, Body & Spirit to balance.

Light refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

Presented by - 
Jae Hewitt of Intuitive 5d Healing &
Julie Turner-Adkin of Healing Possibilities 

Venue: Banningham & Colby Community Centre, 

Colby Road, Banningham

NR11 7DY


Saturday 20th January, 2024 1.30 to 4.00  £22     Past Lives

Image by Aron Visuals
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