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Where does Tarot fit into your world?

I've been reading Tarot for many years now and realise the most potential is how it can really change people's lives for the better. It's not about what's coming in your future, but how you can change the way you think so you can move into a future that is possible for you.

Many of us just get stuck in our thoughts, stories that hold us to the past. If you keep doing the same as before, you'll get the same - this classic saying is just so true. But when we do feel stuck it can be difficult to see a way out of your swirling thoughts.

With a tarot spread it looks a little at the past to allow the story to begin. Moving into the present to see what your desire and stumbling blocks may be. The future gives us hope and inspiration to move forward. The 'advice' collum show us how to step into the future without the heaviness from our past thoughts.

I've used Rider-Waite Tarot as my main go-to cards as the pictures are very self explanitory and it really is a case of say what you see. The interaction of the suits from the minor arcana with the major arcana is where the reading really does come to life. I continue to use the Radiant Rider-Waite set to teach from with it's clear pictures. Over lockdown I held some weekly courses over Zoom which seemed to work pretty well. I still love the interaction of groups and seeing the 'a ha' moment as students grasp whats going on. The biggest key to successful reading is practice!

Last year I discovered The Light Seer's Tarot set by Chris-Anne. The pictures are very modern and wonderfully explanatory. I decided to really link in with this set and use them in my readings with clients. It was an interesting scenario as I had to go back to basics and re-learn the cards. To start with I kept recalling the Rider-Waite card version to my mind to compare them and their meanings. I realised I was struggling with this as the pictures are similar but very different too, if that makes sense? When teaching I am always repeating to students 'say what you see' and 'stop trying to remember' but what was I doing? I'd caught myself out! So I stopped thinking and started looking and saying what I could see. Click -there it was, I was 'reading' these new cards.

Of course there are the same guidelines to follow as in the suits of the minor arcana -

Pentacles are energy or money - earth. Shown as coins or circular objects

Swords are thoughts, decisions - air. Shown as swords or birds

Wands are action - fire. Shown as wands or sticks

Cups are love, emotions - water. Shown as cups/goblets

Number 1 shows the start and 10 is completion. 5 is the midway point and can show a struggle or more effort is needed.

The court cards generally represent people. The knight is a young man, the page is a young lady. (Although they can mean young people regardless of gender) These can also mean new beginnings or you will feel like a young person again with the situation that is on it's way. The queen and king are adults. These cards can also represent a maturity in outlook or manor.

The major arcana begins the story from the first card 0 - The Fool. Not being a fool but starting again and moving forward. A new beginning is on the horizon. Each of the following major arcana cards try to teach something to The Fool. But as in life, you learn best by experience. Number 21 - The World is the final of the major cards. Meaning you can have the world, anything you desire. But you must seek it out and know how you would like to feel to bring this new world to you. Working towards those feelings bring the 'happening' to you.

Over the next few blogs I will explore the tarot cards, looking at the differences between the sets. The meanings are never straight forward as the understandings can alter depending on where the card is placed and which other cards are around it. When reading Tarot for others it is always so important to be mindful of what you say. Nothing is set in stone and the cards are not 'magic' not can they make things happen. I always stress the idea of the cards is to help you to change your thoughts, to see things differently. I truly believe this is how you can move into your future in a way you would like it to be. You can only read for the person requesting the reading. Energy changes and shifts all the time and you are reading for that day. Once the client has changed their thoughts, this too changes their cards. Readings are best carried out no more than 6 monthly, to give a chance for things to progress. Remember the only purpose of life is to be happy - how you get there along the way is always your choice.

Be open to what comes..........

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