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Lets Explore Tarot - Wands

Wands - Element of Fire.

Developing creativity.

Making things happen, ambition, drive.

Following are the basic elements of each set of the Minor Arcana.

No. 1 = beginnings, a gift, something starting.

No. 2 = balance, partnership.

No. 3 = spiritual elements Mind, Body & Spirit.

No. 4 = stability, structure.

No. 5 = midway point, change, possible conflict.

No. 6 = harmony (after the conflict) making progress.

No. 7 = time to see how far you've come, growth.

No. 8 = reflection on your accomplishments.

No. 9 = almost there, your goal is in sight.

No. 10 = completion, ending of a situation, things coming to fruition.

Court cards can be people, describe a personality or a situation.

Page = young lady, feeling youthful or a new event.

Knight = young man, feeling youthful, a new event or a message is on its way.

Queen = an older lady, or has maturity. Can show the position/rank of someone.

King = an older man, or has maturity. Can also show the position/rank of someone.

(These court cards are not always gender based. The cards are from the days when men were leaders - so a king can represent a woman in a position of high rank. Be open to the differences when reading the cards.)

Two of Wands

Both cards show characters looking outward as if visualising a goal or a dream. The RW card shows perhaps a learned man in his robes holding a globe in one hand, and a wand in the other. Making a choice. The LST card also shows the globe and a camper van which modernises the image. She also holds onto one of the wands.

Choose to travel or study, looking to the future is the message for this action card. Remember when you have choices to make, you can become attached to the outcome of which choice you are going to make. What ever the outcome it will always be perfect as an experience even though you may not always be happy with your choice at the time. You can always choose to be happy regardless of the outcome. What choices are you making?

Four of Wands

Four is about foundations , stability and structure. Both cards show a celebration is happening. Coupled with the number four it leads you to think of a wedding or partnership. A start of a business, something to make music about and be joyful. I particularly love the youthfulness of the LST card's artwork. Real freedom shown in the young ladies dancing. If we are thinking of a wedding, the LST shows a tent and casual dress whereas the RW has a castle and elaborate clothing. Either way of celebrating is perfect - the bond comes with the stability of a union. What are you hoping to celebrate?

Six of Wands

If you think back to the 5's showing possible coflict, the number 6 shows harmony and progress being made. Looking at the RW horseback rider holding his winning lorrel wand and his friends there to celebrate with him He's picked a winner. Riding high. Even the horse looks pleased! Again I'm loving the modern artwork in the LST showing the trendy lady on a stage with her arms held high as she's celebrating her achievement. Her lorrel wand burning like a torch beside her. Many hands from the audience are raised in her honor. A definate moment of glory. 'You've done it!'

What have you achieved to celebrate your win?

Eight of Wands

The RW card shows the wands moving fast into the bright blue picture. The flowing river, house on the green hill for perspective. I feel it is letting you know that something unexpected is going to happen! I like to add that it is always a 'good' happening to help make changes.

The glowing reds from the LST card with the wands aiming towards the same spot. As if it's a magic touch point to bring the action into play. Explosive reaction. It can be difficult to accept change and when it comes quickly or unexpectedly it can push your boundaries and grounding. On the otherhand you have no choice but to go with the flow and sometimes that is easier. Think of a situation you'd like some swift action for.

Nine of Wands

There are a few of the RW wand cards that do look quite similar. Once placed within a reading they do become more obvious. Reading a single card can be a challenge.

In the RW card there are many wands behind him, as though all the actions he has worked though and with are coming to an end. Finally holding one last ation to complete, alsmost there. He seems to still be wearing a bandage on his head from his previous battles.

It was this card in the LST pack that gave me my Ah Ha moment. Looking at the picture I saw an end of the day scenario and what looked like a fence made from the wands. I thought of a gate to climb over when I saw this image, a final hurdle to complete. The glowing wand shining the light and showing the way. The expression on the lady's face seemed relieved and determined for this one last push. Tired but no showing signs of the battle to get there. Ready for the future.

What last push do you need to make to move forward?

Queen of Wands

A lady who likes to get on with things, always busy. Wise in her actions, would be able to give good advice based on her gained experience. Looking at the RW card first showing the classic image of a Queen on her throne, looking regal. The sunflow for joy and brightness in her world. The black cat a lucky sign.

The LST really shows the joy in the queen's expression. Holding a wand up high as though she had made magic happen. The many candles lighting up her surroundings. Again the black cat for that lucky element. Her cat is particularly relaxed perhaps showing how easily things happen for her. Someome who has the ability to light up the world of others with her actions.

Which Queen do you think best describes you? or maybe you're a mixture.....

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