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Lets explore Tarot - Pentacles

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Of course there is a history to tarot but I've found most people just want to learn to read the cards! Tarot has been used for many many years as a way to develop intution, for spiritual growth and guidance. There are such a variety of packs of cards to choose from usually selected by the love of a particular artwork. The cards have a common thread to grasp throughout regardless of the drawings. The artwork can certainly enhance any story being told by the cards. As mentioned previously I am a big fan of the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot set for their simplicity and ease of learning. With my recent descovery of The Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne I am going to show some of the cards side by side for you to see the differences and I would be interested to hear your thoughts too. The Light Seer's Tarot on the right (LST) and the Rider-Waite on the left (RW).

Pentacles - Element of earth.

Being grounded.

Finances, business.

Richness of personality.

Following are the basic elements of each set of the Minor Arcana.

No. 1 = beginnings, a gift, something starting.

No. 2 = balance, partnership.

No. 3 = spiritual elements Mind, Body & Spirit.

No. 4 = stability, structure.

No. 5 = midway point, change, possible conflict.

No. 6 = harmony (after the conflict) making progress.

No. 7 = time to see how far you've come, growth.

No. 8 = reflection on your accomplishments.

No. 9 = almost there, your goal is in sight.

No. 10 = completion, ending of a situation, things coming to fruition.

Court cards can be people, describe a personality or a situation.

Page = young lady, feeling youthful or a new event.

Knight = young man, feeling youthful, a new event or a message is on its way.

Queen = an older lady, or has maturity. Can show the position/rank of someone.

King = an older man, or has maturity. Can also show the position/rank of someone.

(These court cards are not always gender based. The cards are from the days when men were leaders - so a king can represent a woman in a position of high rank. Be open to the differences when reading the cards.)

Ace of Pentacles

Both cards show a coin being given. On the RW the hand comes through the clouds, as if from know where. The picture has more imagary, showing a golden path to walk along, flowers growing and a gorgous blue sky showing everything is bright and wonderful. On the LST I feel the hands are earthy and the roots show the coin coming perhaps from the ground. What can you see?

Three of Pentacles

If we look at the RW picture first. Note the circles are in the top middle of the picture in the structure of the building. It looks as if a trademan is standing on a stool carving something into the wall from the plans he is being shown by the other 'better dressed' men. It can signify a contract will be signed relating to a work situation. Something will be made. A plan put into action.

The LST imagary shows a lady knitting, something being made. The other lady is explaining something to the smiling man who is looking at her work.

This card is about your own self worth. If you feel worthy to carry out work or take on a contract.

I love the modern take on the LST card showing art and craft being enjoyed. Going back to basics. What do you see in these cards?

Five of Pentacles

Both designs of cards show a feeling of sadness, being left our or locked out. The LST shows the golden light on the doorway with the key easily within reach for the unhappy lady to just realise her potential and unlock the doorway. The RW image of being out in the cold and not seeing the golden window behind them.

Five being the midway point - what are you missing or hiding from stopping your true golden path? How do you block your own pathway forward?

Eight of Pentacles

The modern take of an office setting for the imagary of working for yourself in the LST. Note she is holding a candle, maybe it is showing you burning the cancle too much! In the RW card the worker is literally making his own money. A card of becoming or being self employed. How would this card fit into your life or work situation?

Ten of Pentacles

Both sets show lots of coins and a happy family. This can also be the 'moving house' card. Thinking of pentacles as richness in life rather than actual money, I certainly feel people feel enriched with love of having a close family. The labrador laying at his master's feet shows loyalty too. On the LST card there is a symbol within the main circle, perhaps the grid layout for life. How do you feel when you see this card?

King of Pentacles

On the RW pack the kings all tend to look a bit stern and aloof. With this being the money suit it could be seen that a wealthy type person feels this way. You can see the king is still wearing his armour depicting the battles he has been through to get to where he is. The plentiful grape vines and a dragon slayed beneath his armoured foot. The LST card shows a much more relaxed king. The full library for the knowledge he has learned and the wolf type dog for wisdom and loyalty. His face is smiley too. As a person he could be a wise man worthy of your trust. Someone who is not afraid to go into battle. Also a man who is comfortable with himself and his own company.

Do you know a man like this within your life?

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