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Lets Explore Tarot - Cups

Cups - Element of water.

Love, romance, emotions, flow of life.

Following are the basic elements of each set of the Minor Arcana.

No. 1 = beginnings, a gift, something starting.

No. 2 = balance, partnership.

No. 3 = spiritual elements Mind, Body & Spirit.

No. 4 = stability, structure.

No. 5 = midway point, change, possible conflict.

No. 6 = harmony (after the conflict) making progress.

No. 7 = time to see how far you've come, growth.

No. 8 = reflection on your accomplishments.

No. 9 = almost there, your goal is in sight.

No. 10 = completion, ending of a situation, things coming to fruition.

Court cards can be people, describe a personality or a situation.

Page = young lady, feeling youthful or a new event.

Knight = young man, feeling youthful, a new event or a message is on its way.

Queen = an older lady, or has maturity. Can show the position/rank of someone.

King = an older man, or has maturity. Can also show the position/rank of someone.

(These court cards are not always gender based. The cards are from the days when men were leaders - so a king can represent a woman in a position of high rank. Be open to the differences when reading the cards.)

Ace of Cups

Remembering number 1 (ace) is about beginings, newness, and can also be an unexpected gift. The RW Ace shows lots of water flowing from the cup pouring into the ocean below. The cup is held by the hand from the clouds and the dove of peace is placing a cross coin into the cup. Perhaps showing a new love is on its way after feeling at a crossroads. Remember it could be you loving yourself, returning to the flow of life. Maybe you'll begin something new that will flow and you will absolutely love it.

The LST shows hands holding a cup close to their heart, bursting with warmth and magic. The hands are holding the cup easily and lightly depicting an ease of this love flowing. Love makes us feel like magic inside. We can seek, look and find love in what ever we choose - it is always a choice. Is there something you can re-love about yourself?

Three of Cups

With the spiritual element of mind, body and spirit - both cards show friendship as the important element. In the RW card the ladies are raising their cups to each other. The fruit around them looks like a harvest they have reaped, showing their friendship has grown. Their gowns are floaty and flowing.

The LST card shows the friends walking arm in arm looking out over the misty water and at the twinkling magic stars above.

Friendship is so important for support and guidance. It really enhances our wellbeing to be able to share in a trusted union. The amount of friends is never important, but the quality and trust is paramount. Learning to trust in your own self too is key to happiness and flow. Are you able to listen to your friends?

Seven of Cups

A time to reflect on the journey so far. Contemplation before moving forward. On the RW card is shows each cup filled with something different and a silohetted figure looking up at his choices. When you feel emotional it is diffiult to think clearly, with your heart seeming to spin the choices around in your mind. But knowing you have choice is a worthy reminder that few things are black and white in our world of flow.

The LST card shows cups facing downward with their choices perhaps hidden, some with clues to show flow and ladders going up or down of course. He is taking his time to think about his options. The water within the picture shows the emotions are there too. To give yourself a bit of time and not rush into a decision. The saying of good things are worth waiting for maybe comes from this sort of image.

Can you see the choices in your world?

Ten of Cups

When any of the 10's arrive in a reading they always are welcome. The 10 of cups with the happy ever after imagery always brings a smile. The RW card is an obvious picture of this happy ending. A white house on the hill, rainbow in the sky, mum & dad with their happily playing children. The perfect scene.

The modern take for the LST brings in the idea of a happy closeness with companionship and the laughter from the children. The rainbow takes those cups on an upward journey. The carefree look for the hammock too.

Even if you haven't a partner or children the image is one of the joy of everything you love coming together. Be it other people or work. Either way happy personal feeings and horizons are on the way.

Happiness can often seem to elude us, with our hearts feeling heavy or wanting. Try to think how best you can lift your heart with your own thoughts.

Knight of Cups

To remind you that Knights can be a young person (male of female), a youthful situation and they can bring a message perhaps of love in the occasion of the cups.

The RW cards shows the knight mounted on his amazing white horse ready to move forward into the flow of the river. He is wearing his armour to enhance his strength. The cliffs can show that the journey may not be so easy, as often with affairs of the heart.

In the LST card there sits a romantic guy holding flowers and waiting for his love to arrive to enjoy the prepared picnic. An unopened letter sealed with wax to show of the importance of the message within. He looks a gentle kind of youth ready for what ever may come. Prepared to take the journey with his horse waiting to take him where ever he asks.

Perhaps we forget to ask for love. We may recognise that we are lonely and desire a companion, but the criteria can be high and one that we haven't laid out properly in our minds. Emotions running away with romantic thoughts not always seeing the true essence we require for this partnership to be in the way we wish. Intentionally manifesting the way we would like to feel when this companion comes along is a great idea. Maybe you could write a few notes to draw this wonderful feeling towards you.

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