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Lets Explore Tarot - Swords

Swords - Element of Air

Thoughts, decisions making and perception.

Following are the basic elements of each set of the Minor Arcana.

No. 1 = beginnings, a gift, something starting.

No. 2 = balance, partnership.

No. 3 = spiritual elements Mind, Body & Spirit.

No. 4 = stability, structure.

No. 5 = midway point, change, possible conflict.

No. 6 = harmony (after the conflict) making progress.

No. 7 = time to see how far you've come, growth.

No. 8 = reflection on your accomplishments.

No. 9 = almost there, your goal is in sight.

No. 10 = completion, ending of a situation, things coming to fruition.

Court cards can be people, describe a personality or a situation.

Page = young lady, feeling youthful or a new event.

Knight = young man, feeling youthful, a new event or a message is on its way.

Queen = an older lady, or has maturity. Can show the position/rank of someone.

King = an older man, or has maturity. Can also show the position/rank of someone.

(These court cards are not always gender based. The cards are from the days when men were leaders - so a king can represent a woman in a position of high rank. Be open to the differences when reading the cards.)

Two of Swords

Our thoughts are the most dominant factor for our lives. Worry, overthinking, tiredness and listening to others can leave us with such indecision. In the LST cards swords are depicted by birds. Swords and wands are the most mistaken of the suits in the RW set as swords and wands can appear the same until you are able to define the difference. I tell myself swords are in the air when used in a fighting challenge so swords are air and near my head so thoughts. In a way using birds makes the imagary very different so easier to remember perhaps. Birds fly in the air up around your head so try thinking like that.

Two is for balance and in the RW card it shows someone literally sitting down to comtemplate two decisions shown by the swords held crossed in front of the body. Wearing a blindfold highlights their inability to see the way forward. However the sea behind is calm and bright. There is a moon high in the sky perhaps advising you to sleep on your thoughts before making a decision - of which there only appears to be two. Sometimes actually making a decision can be useful to enable you to move on.

In the LST card it again shows a blind fold and the birds appear above her head seemingly pulling at her thoughts shown as threads. I guess thoughts can make your head feel full of birds twittering in your mind.

Decisions have no right or wrong answer which is why they can be so difficult to make at times. But no matter which way you journey something will always be gained.

How does decision making leave you feeling?

Three of Swords

No one likes to see this card in a spread as they jump to the conclusion of what the image means. So remembering swords are thoughts - in the RW card those swords, your thoughts, are literally piercing the heart. In other words you are breaking your own heart with your own words or story. We have a great capacity to 'make things up' and story tell in our own heads, forgetting what the actual truth might even be.

On the LST card the poor lady is literally screaming as her heart appears to be ripped apart. The cords of her heart being pulled so tight and attached to the tree. There are 3 birds flying away in the distance showing a release. On her arm she has a tattoo of three swords keeping the original imagary there. I like that. So her thoughts are tugging at her heart strings, pulling her in every which way. What is the card showing her? I feel once you realise YOU are the one doing the heart breaking you at least have the opportunity to stop doing that!

How have you coped when your thoughts are so tight it pulls your heart apart?

Five of Swords

Five is that midway point where coflict can be shown by the cards. Arguments, conflict in some cases but remembering its those thoughts causing that. In the RW card it shows storm clouds and two swords on the floor whilst the other three have either been collected or kept close. If you think of these swords all as thoughts, those on the floor could be words said that have turned the other men away. Perhaps he is gathering his thoughts or keeping some thoughts to himself. A time of conflict.

In the LST card it shows a poor guy literally rubbing his head trying to work it all out. One bird is chirping in his head whilst other birds have flown away. There is a silouhetted figure standing arms outstretched as if triumphant having walked away from the bloodshed of the argument.

The tarot cards are not to 'tell' you what to do but to help you see what could be happening. Maybe those thoughts are just in your head, maybe it's time to walk away. Often the thought that first comes to your mind when you see the card can be the key to help you. How do you usually feel when your head is full up with thoughts?

Eight of Swords

A time for reflection. The RW card shows a lady very bound and blindfolded too. All her thoughts standing around her. Showing how her thoughts are keeping her tied up. However those ties are not very tight and she could easily wriggle free and remove the blind fold to give her clearer vision again.

The lady in the LST is literally looking in the mirror seein herself tied up with her thoughts. The busy birds flying around pulling at the strings keeping her tied up. By looking in the mirror she can perhaps reflect on her mind and begin to release her thoughts and feelings to bring that freedom.

If in a reading spread there are many swords it can indicate how much you perhaps overthink things. Is this something you do?

Ten of Swords

Ending of all those thoughts. A time of feeling lighter and new beginnings. Feeling more carefree. The RW card can look rather odd at first glance seemingly being stabbed in the back. But remember that 10 is completion and endings. It is showing that all the worries and back stabbing are coming to an end. There is a showing of the bright sunshine coming through the darkness and he has turned his face away from the worries.

The LST shows a much easier scene with the lady walking away in a carefree manor with those birds flying above and away from her head. All the worries leaving her head leaving a feeling of lightness. Her hair and dress are blowing in the wind too, an amazing feeling of freedom.

Bring back a memory of a time when you felt carefree.

Page of Swords

A page can refer to a daughter, or a young person. But also it can show you feeling youthful again. Young at heart, new thoughts coming in. Thoughts of inspiration.

I refer to the RW Page of Swords as the 'Ta Da' card. Standing on a hill with her head in the clouds. This card does show birds above her head as thought her thoughts are far away. Perhaps an inspiration for the LST.

In the LST the young lady is holding a book with the words literally coming off the page towards her. Lightbulbs above her head literally showing lightbult moments of inspiration. The birds shown are hawks, intellegence and wisdom when searching for information. This page is standing on a sword laid down between a void. She balances easily with her bare feet. A sign of real confidence in her manor.

When you allow your mind to wander, all those new thoughts and ideas have premission to flow. What new ideas come to your mind?

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