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The Next 3 Months from 28th May, 2021

Bring in the blue light of 'shining' to sweep the earth on each new day we choose to be here.

Make this a pattern of your rites.

Enjoy this ritual of clearing.

Step into the day with light feet, feeling the breeze that comes as you walk.

A feeling of water surrounding your steps.

Start to speak with a blue voice, feeling your breath following each true word.

Allow your tears to fall

Allow your heart to cry

To find a new way, we must cleanse, let go, be new, be free.


A brightness will start to form in your eyes, seeing clearly.

Move into that space. Allow the vision to form.

'We' will come. Standing tall, crowns on our heads, emblazoned with jewels.

Offering you our hands. Both. For you to take hold.

By following us, we will show you a freedom so sweet, high, available.

Source is key. Heighten your mind, feel your feet and breathe.

Each breath brings us closer together.

Clouds of light will fall around you to open the new dawn.

A state of bliss. Here. Now. With you.

Using metals into the earth, transforming energy. Bringing bases of gold (golden), woods, beaches, free land.

Gatherings of many to bring a truth.

Most will come. Most will pleasure from this.


Coded areas, portals, will open up. Sending out information of truth.

Giving a new life meaning.

Food will become clearer, to exist in partnership. Cleansing for the masses.

Know time is passable, haste will be met.

Clocks ticking in the background will slow down the past damage to earth.

Creating new energies to overcome the greed. Peaceful. Creative. Sanctuary.

1) For each being - be two

2) For each food - be plentiful

3) Love will be the Master creative

4) Heighten the mind - force into the ground. Equal

Sing with your voice so filled with peace.

Spread our word - make it known.

Angelic realms coming closer. Still. Be here.

28,29,15,21,18,1,3,1,5,7,8,25,92,101,363 Code end.

Finish now........ Earth be at peace

"Finde la co paa seera ha."

Channelled 28/05/2021

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