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Now Is the best time to start.....

Updated: May 29, 2020

When I saw this rose it reminded me that there is beauty in nature, still. I woke up with a “whats the point” type of feeling and was in truth feeling sorry for myself. But I carried on my morning taking Baxter for a walk when I saw my first reminder.

Nature is amazing and sends us messages. All we have to do is be open to receiving them. But as I found out, even when we seem to stop taking notice, we will get a reminder.

As I continued my walk to the park I began to notice the blue sky, other people with their dogs and I felt lighter. A good set up for the rest of my day. Baxter began chasing with another spaniel and I began to talk with the human! We got onto the subject of work and the virus. He asked me more about my clairvoyance. Suddenly I felt a shift in my whole mood. This is the point of it, my work. I was instantly reminded how much I love my connection with spirit and The Universe. I returned home feeling blessed and took a photo of the rose that had begun my thoughts

Each day is a new day. Julie

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