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The Start of the Story

The Start of the Story


The story begins with the end.

Find the start and know all will follow.

Each day, each moment to benefit one.

Through logic end, blue mountains appear

Streams of gold, lifting patterns, to create lines.

Each piece part of a puzzle

Not a quiz, a picture

Moving and changing.

There you will find the start

A spark to become the flame.

Rise up to your place, speak truth

Speak loud, to yourself.

No cost of earthly money to find this

A journey, long but short.

Just in one lifetime.

Holding on to now, not the past or tomorrow.

Flow for now, glowing, ending.

Repeating patterns no more

All new, self found.

12,18,21,16,15,32,1,9,8,16 –

Press on, press through, higher aspects of the dawn.

Colours of golden, orange, yellow.

Birthing energy to arise life source.

51,22,13,9,1,2,8,6,5,5,5 –

Open to life, open to love, open to be.

Falling through to the earth centre.

Feeling the force going down, timelines.

Fleeting. Feelings. Fearful.

One is here. One is you. One is me.

Not to be taken over, the other side awaits.

Patience my one.

I asked four questions:

“Who are you?”

Tall, long, faceless, large head, 3 fingers, light blue. At the back of the head is a band with electrodes of type embedded which allow us to be visible. No form or shape, just light.

“What can you change?”

No thing that is material. Only change emotions, sensations. Ideas of beings for transformation. Enhancing only. Higher Councillors. Spread this light. Natural receptors to pass along.

“How will we know?”

You just will. You will feel more like yourself, but this will be different to yourself. An inner knowing. Your faces will widen slowly over time. An openness. Others may notice the changes first.

“What shall we do?”

Feel everything. Put in order your needs, narrow/slim them down. Your reality will shift and change as these change and alter. It will always feel good and fair. This is your measure. Least effort felt the more reality shifts.

18,21,15,21,32,19,16,21,15,16,32 Code end:-

Channel 21/4/21

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Unknown member
Mar 01, 2023

Oh my goodness! Why have I never seen these before? I love them. I can actually hear you saying them. 🌹

Unknown member
Mar 01, 2023
Replying to

Yes please do some more 🌹 I loved reading them. Really got me thinking! Nick Kershaw’s song ‘the riddle’ kept playing over and over in my head while reading them and the numbers 3 & 5 x

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