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Is the weekend still the weekend?

As I walk to the park with Baxter early this morning there is much evidence of “weekend” activity with freshly mown lawns, new planters appeared in gardens and gleaming cars. I guess for some the weekend does still exist.

Over the park the equipment still shows signs of the “do not use“ although the red tape is beginning to free itself. The adult outside gym still bound by the restrictions. How many gym memberships had begun with enthusiasm and dwindled as the ’too busy‘ stepped in.

The days, for me, seem to have rolled into each other, with little structure and nothing in my diary to denote my work from my leisure. This brings the question of those favoured things that I have declared I never have time for. The reality of that is even with plenty of available time, I have chosen not to do those things. The reality is did I really want to do them or just make excuses to myself, therefore only deceiving myself.

However I have made time for some things - a Zoom yoga class twice a week. With the luxury of just rolling out the mat in my lounge I have eagerly participated and enjoyed the sessions which will hopefully continue. My small embarrassment at the end of yesterday afternoon session was to fall sound asleep during the meditation, waking to screened faces peering at me looking to see if I would wake up before saying goodbye!

I have allowed myself to get stuck in many books during this time. Before declaring I’d get nothing done if I started to read. How great this has been.

I have spent an insane amount of time and energy updating my very tired website and creating a Facebook shop. The stark reality of watching many tutorials and trying to follow the “just click this or that” to find out it doesn’t work on my website has been beyond frustration...... patience is a virtue I have never understood or been blessed with. But the end achievement will be worth it.

Although frustrating it has enabled me to carry on with some form of my work. Enjoying sorting crystals and writing about them. I am my work.... and to find ways to keep connected has been my saviour. It raised the question what do I identify with? so over to you.........

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