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 January 2020


2020 will be a year of ascension and spiritual growth.  We are moving into the 5th Dimension - rapid response and moving forward with relationships and creating foundations.  It is a time to be honest to your wants and desires, learning how to create the magic in your own lives.  In numerology 2020 = 4 and is the energy of long-term goal setting.  Formulating a plan that is practical and grounded.  The 4 supports us when we put effective and updated systems into the works.  

In January i have set the pace at achieving Sound Healing & Therapy Practitioner level to add to my treatments.  Exploring sound has been something I had begun many years ago with crystal bowls.  The opportunity came to use sound within my healing evenings and was very well received with my clients.  I am  integrating sound with my other therapies, offering bespoke treatments. 

May 2020 I have opened my crystal shop on line on Facebook called Crystal Inspirations. 


Jackie Hewitt and I began our Sound Baths early in 2019.  We have added 4 gongs to our instruments and changed the title to Zen Gong Bath.  Sound had a special way of bringing healing to people.  Adults are made of up around 80% water which responds to vibrations aiding healing on a very deep level.  BUT also amazing to maintain good health.  Currently we are visiting 5 different villages every month with a sound bath.  Look out for one near you very soon.


Continuing with one to one treatments, readings, healings, Auric-field Tuning, Reflexology, Gua Sha Facials, manicures and pedicures.  Group Healing and Meditation evenings, Group work, teaching Reiki, Crystal Healing and holding the Sound and Gong Baths. Based from my practice in North Walsham.

NEWS I got married in February 2020 so you may see the addition to my surname

Mrs. Julie Turner-Adkin (or in some cases Julie Adkin)  It's still me!

I welcome you on my journey..........

Email:   Julie@healingpossibilities.co.uk

Tel:  07392301463

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