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Welcome to Healing Possibilities

Welcome to Healing Possibilities, where we provide our clients with customised services designed to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of care is the foundation of our business, and it drives everything we do.  


We offer a range of therapies and treatments tailored to your unique needs,

all provided in a compassionate and nurturing environment. 

This simple approach has effectively fuelled our growth since we opened our doors in 1999.

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

A wonderful life.

Dreams really do come true....... 2024 The Year of The Dragon

The Wood Dragon enters into our energy for 2024 and we will combine the transformative power of the dragon and the nurturing element of wood to help you achieve evolution, improvement, and abundance. The energy is designed to help people lay the foundation for long-term accomplishments and experience growth and expansion. A year of transformation.

Ascension Retreat 2024

Our first date for June sold out within two weeks, so we have put another date for November.  Embark on a transformative journey at our Ascension Retreat. 

Book whilst you can!  It seems this is a much needed way to accelerate your spiritual learning.

The Complete Sound Healer Practitioner Course

We are proud to present this course to enable the creation of individual sound healings, presenting your own Sound Baths and bringing sound into your work.  

Check out the page for details and  dates for 2024.

Meditation and Mindfulness Certified Course

Having used visualisation meditations for many years with clients and students, my experience falls naturally into teaching meditation.  I feel that mindfulness goes hand in hand with a meditation practice, destined to be shared together in this certified course.


Coaching with Meditation & Mindfulness.  I'm offering a coaching program for those who wish to begin and set a plan for their meditation practice.  Having a mentor can help to set the wheels in motion.  Regular meditation has proven evidence of an improved lifestyle and mental health boosts. 

The Swaffham Mind, Body & Spirit shows continue to draw the crowds with the market a popular place to visit too.  The next date is the  11th May, 2024 where there will be a wonderful mixture of stall holders with exhibitors, therapists and readers.  We also have a Mind, Body & Spirit show booked in Mundesley on the 17th August, 2024

Pyramid Holographic Healing System 

I'm excited to announce my recent project - the birth of Pyramid Holographic Healing and the construction of The Healing Pod in our garden. The Healing Pod is a wooden cabin that offers a unique and special healing experience. Drawing on the power of pyramid and sacred geometry, ancient technology that still amazes the mind and spirit. If you're curious about this healing, I invite you to read more.

I continue to offer with one to one treatments with readings, healings in many forms such as Pyramid Holographic Healing, Auric-field Tuning, Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Reflexology and Bespoke Healings.  Also Group work, teaching Tarot, Reiki and Reiki Druming, Crystal Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy. Jointly teaching The Complete Sound Practitioner Course, holding the Gong Baths and Drumming Circles with Jae. 

I welcome you on my journey.......... 


Tel:  07392301463

Location: North Walsham, United Kingdom, England

On this website......
Marina Bay in Singapore

A Complementary Practitioner offering healing work in the form of Reiki,

Crystal Healing, Auricfield Tuning, Sound Therapy, Pyramid Healing, 

Offering bespoke treatments for individual healings. 

Clairvoyant work and tarot readings.

Teaching these therapies at practitioner levels.


Holding Gong Baths, Drumming Circles and Retreats with Jae Hewitt.

Organising Mind, Body & Spirit Shows in Swaffham and Mundesley

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