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October 2021 - ETIP Norfolk County Council have set up this great scheme.

Employer Incentive Training Program.

If you are self employed you can take advantage of this great offer for the County  Council to pay 75% of your course fee.  This is an amazing offer and the great new is that my courses are included within this.  For further details please click on the link and start taking advantage of this great offer.





January 2021

Happy New Year


2020 saw many changes not only in the way I was able to deliver my therapies.  Becoming familiar with Zoom and Video Calls to continue to offer Tarot Courses and readings. I also discovered treatments worked very well etherically - by visualisation.  By recording the sessions and being completely at the mercy of faith of my intuition, I have had some amazing results and positive feedback.  This totally pushed so many boundaries on the way healings can be carried out.  Knowing that time and space really are movable.  Opening new opportunties to offer healings realising that there is no need to travel other than in your mind.  A great leap of faith.

Last January I qualified as a 'Sound Healing & Therapy Practitioner' and have added this to the treatments I offer.  Exploring sound has been something I begun many years ago playing the piano, guitar, clarinet and saxaphone.  The opportunity came to use sound in a different way within my healing sessions and was very well received with my clients.  I have integrated sound within my therapies offering bespoke treatments. 

Jackie Hewitt and I began our Sound Baths early in 2019 and these have grown in popularity.  We have 6 gongs that resonate beautifully to bring a healing vibration to your body and mind.  Sound had a special way of bringing healing to people.  Adults are made of up around 80% water which responds to vibrations aiding healing on a very deep level.  BUT also amazing to maintain good health.  We are visiting different villages every month with a sound bath.  Booking early is required to secure your place.

In October, between lockdowns, seven students achieved their  Master/Teacher Reiki Level. It was an amazing weekend and we felt so lucky to have had the space to move into this achievement. I wish them success on the next part of their spiritual journey.


I continue to offer with one to one treatments for readings, healings, Reflexology, Auric-field Tuning, Gua Sha Facials.  Group Healing and Meditation evenings, Group work, teaching Reiki, Crystal Healing and holding the Sound and Gong Baths. Based from my practice in North Walsham.

When I got married in February 2020 you will see the addition to my surname

Mrs. Julie Turner-Adkin (or in some cases Julie Adkin)  It's still me!

I welcome you on my journey..........


May 2021 a collaboration with Jackie Hewitt and Emrys Skye and myself begins the website Onevibe.one bringing you the voices from The Universe.

You can sign up to the website to ensure you receive the latest information.

Email:   Julie@healingpossibilities.co.uk

Tel:  07392301463

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