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Charging your crystals in the moonlight on Monday 3rd July

The next full moon is July 3rd. So this time you can be ready with your crystals to charge them.

Each crystal has a personality formed by the Deva energy within. For me, I work with my crystals and cleanse them daily, thanking them for their assistance with my clients. I offer blessing and charge them with Nag Champ incense and Angel spray. Lighting a candle, I feel brings in the light to aid the charging. An amethyst bed is close by helping the process with its vibrance.

Setting your intention is the most important part of the process. Asking in the highest and best good for your crystals to be cleansed of all the energies they have collected and to be recharged to enable them to assist my work. I offer thanks and blessings for their work.

Whatever form of cleansing and charging you intend to do, make it simple so that you will actually carry the method out! Making an elaborate and complicated ritual will mean you are less likely to bother. I'm being honest here.

After each healing session I'll thank my crystals and breath cleanse them, literally blow over them, and place them back with the other crystals. A basic acknowledgment of my intention. At the end of each day I offer blessing in the highest intention. My first task the next morning as I go into my work healing room is to light an incense stick and greet my crystals and instruments. I play my various percussion tools in the room to wake up the energies. I have a gong, solfeggio tubes, drum, Koshi chimes to name a few. I have a small bell that I ring over my working crystals. Drawing some Angel or Oracle cards I set my intention for the day. Creating my manifestation for the day ahead. This also energises my energy too.

My world is blessed with soft music throughout my working day, and all of this works its way into the crystals.

So, for specific moon charging - gather your crystals on a tray covered in a pretty cloth. The tray just makes it easier to carry them outside. You can place the crystals directly onto the ground or keep them on the cloth. Light an incense stick and place it into the ground allowing the perfume to bathe the crystals.

Set an intention for your crystals to be cleansed in the highest and best and ask the moon to assist with this task. Request the moon sends its energy to recharge the crystals to help with your healing.

Make it personal for you. Call in your guides and Angels too. If you are attuned to Reiki, you can offer this energy to your crystals as well. But offering your love and kindness is the same.

Leave them outside for as long as is practical. Overnight is great but actually doing it is key. If you'd rather have them inside, a window where the moon can be seen is also great.

When you bring them in, greet their new sparkly energy and replace them in your preferred places. Give thanks to the moon for its help and wonderous energy.

There are many ways to cleanse and charge crystals - with water being mindful of those that absorb water though like selenite. You can pour water over them rather than soak them. Clapping around them works. Breath cleansing by simply blowing over the crystals. Amethyst bed. Selenite charging plate. But remember your intention is THE most important aspect.

Being grateful for their energy, sending them love and using them with intention.

Enjoy your crystals, make them part of your world.

Julie 🦋

If you'd like to know how you can use crystals as healing tools, you can join me for my Crystal Healing Practitioner Course in November

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