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Mind Body Spirit Show - Everyone is welcome to visit. Saturday 17th February 2024 Swaffham Assembly Rooms.

Step into a world of Healing Possibilities, where your spiritual journey is met with warmth and insight. Join us for a day of Tarot and Mediumship readings, as well as a diverse selection of spiritual gifts and carefully crafted crystals. Embrace the energy and possibilities that await you.

Himalayan Salts, artworks, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Goods, Clumsy Bears, Tropics, Magnetix, Crystal and Brass Bowls, Stained Glass, Neils Yard and more.

Treatments of Reiki, Seated Massage, Reflexology, Tune Up with tuning forks and Sound Therapy will be there for you to experience. An Aura Camera to offer readings and guidance.

Remedies at hand to ease the mind and gently massage the soul.

A brilliant start to the year for our first show at Swaffham.


Chrissy will be there with the refreshment space to sit and relax over a cuppa and light lunch.


FREE ENTRY Mind Body Spirit Show with over 30 Exhibitor stands at Swaffham. Starts at 10.00

Let your energy flow......

The dates for Swaffham Mind Body & Spirit in 2024 

Saturdays 17th February

Saturday 11th May

Saturday 13th July

Saturday 19th October

For more information click here

​Take a look at who's going to be there.......

Readers: Wendy Barnard, Linda Forder, Christine Rose, Peter Oderic, Sandra Shelley,

Jae Hewitt, Tracy Wells, Psychic Bex, Julie Turner-Adkin.

Hand Analysis - Helen Duncan.

Teeler Holmes - Aura Camera Readings.

Therapy: Dionee Brown - Tune Up, Karen Hughson - Healings, Jae Hewitt - Sound Healing, Clare Plummer - Reiki, Amanda Rutland - Reflexology & Reiki,

Paul Sheldrake - Seated Massage & Crystals.

Our stalls: James Castle - Buddha Bubble, Gemma Thody - Artwork,

Charlotte - Out of the Earth Crystals, Charlz & Bob - Lifeflows, Gemma Gunby - Neils Yard, Marcia Hastings - Clumsy Bears, Peter Cambell - Jewellery & Woodwork,

Sam McHugh - Magnetix, Peter Shelly - Spiritual Goods & Artwork,

Jane Moyse - Crystal Jewellery, Lindy Osborne - SnapDragon Stained Glass, Michelle - Tropic,

Joann Sands - Spiritual Goods, Emma - Tarot Cards for Sale.

Refreshments: Chrissy - with her artwork on display too.

This event is hosted by Healing Possibilities

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