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Your Journey to Clarity

Connecting to your true self to shift Consciousness, by building up a good habit to enable regular connections assisted with the vibration of sound and crystal journeying.

When does life stop thinking and when does feeling begin?

When the majority of our mind controls, we get to be led by our thoughts. With the help of crystal, sound and vibration in a 7 step ritual we shall encourage the mind to pause and open a channel to an enriched open hearted experience. Enable active spoken word to offer guidance and begin your ritual.

We shall enter a clear and precise process to understand change through ritual use of different language. For example we shall encourage the mind to understand feelings. Inspiration flows readily when we feel. "How does it feel" rather than, "What do you think"? By grounding our feelings, and yes we talk a lot about grounding, will when we go through the 7 step process ensure the mind understands how we now feel.

If you can feel it, and it is real then we can expand it, grow it and make it real.

Are you ready to create clarity in your life?

Join Julie and Emrys for another opportunity to grow the reality of now with feeling.

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