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Pyramid Holographic Healing System

A wonderful experience to blend your energies to higher frequencies promoting healing.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 48 British pounds
  • Spurdens Crescent

Service Description

You will be seated within the pyramid structure, surrounded by the Platonic Solids, placed in the directions specific to their shape.  Calling in the elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit adding additional healing properties to the session.  The holographic healing brings together different levels of spiritual understanding for advanced forms of physical and spiritual healing.  When a hologram is broken or cut up into small pieces, each small portion contains information about the whole object.  All the information of the whole body is contained in each minute part of the whole.  When accessed, entire systems can be repaired. Creating a geometric patterning to create an inherent force field.  By taking the memories back to their perfect blueprint, it creates a healing holographic energy field. A unique healing code is downloaded and placed within your energy to create this bliss state for your mind and body.  Bringing you back to a state of neutrality. What can the healing be targeted for? Quite literally anything that you feel is blocking or stopping you from moving forwards.   On an emotional level clearing fears and anxiety, often held from past lives.  Clearing the time lines. Allergies, body areas, muscles, bones, strengthening energetic pathways, hormonal balancing, weight loss, aligning life mission, enhancing relationships, cellular communication, trauma, karma, past lives, bringing clarity to your world.  The list is vast and almost endless. Peace and calm restored. Sound, vibration, frequency and intention are key to the healing.  Using the vibration of Solfeggio Tubes and Tuning Forks to bring these frequencies into the energy field. 

Cancellation Policy

Things happen in life that can bring a necessary change. If you need to rearrange your appointment, please do so with consideration, giving as much time as possible to enable me to rebook your slot. Tel: 07392301463 With thanks. Healing Possibilities

Contact Details

  • Healing Possibilities, 44 Spurdens Crescent, North Walsham, UK

    + 44 7392301463

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