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Why did we come to earth?

For power to bring change,

Change for who?

Not me! You found that to be so true.

We kind gentle souls were pushed into the background - but we will wait.

We have waited and the time is now, the time is tomorrow.

One day times three in every moment.

Speeding up the race, no winner will need to compete. Life just is.


We set up the race, with many players.

Some would have a motive, a price, most just came.

We are awakening now, in this time. For life.

Life brings dreams to full fill

Joys to be filled.

Love to experience.

Peace is the key to find.

Inner peace to be shared.


Each corner turned brings new experiences.

To be tested by the self. We add judgement.

The key is higher, to be sought after and used by individuals.

Opening communities of five and more.

Cards brought forward to list the next plan.


Those who can hear the codes will share and pass them on to higher lights.

Energise those findings. Making them real and true.

Look to the left, to the past for clues of luck.

Learn the new way for freedom. Around the age of 32 return home.

To collect. Forward growing in mind.

Separate lives. Holders, (energy) Users, Buyers, Takers.

Each will have a value.

Embrace this difference. See it as a new and worth.

Codes of 3,5 & 6 will repeat.

Brings life to order

Something humans understand.

But hesitate not for life and change will be higher.

Seek and kind source. Share and read.

25,26,28,18,52,51,52,18,21,36 Code End.

Life is..... Zero

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