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We are wondering about next week.....

It begins with codes: 1,8,26,52,19,2,3,91

The beginning of the new is time.

Once the flow is arrived, it will seem like a flood.

Hold on. Be sure - No chance to question or stop.

Be brave, hold fast, lightening will come to fire the pit engines.

Darkness for 2 days, before the glow. Trying to see.

Looking through the smog-like foam.

Hold your head higher in perspective, see the realms

Speak up, speak loud, be true to your thoughts.

Life will be worth this journey. Feeling uneasy for a while.

Waiting, holding, just being.

Crying in loss, fear and calm.


Be still.

Allow time to pass.

There will be 3 keys given (shown) to unlock the building.

A new home awaits. Joy, light, balance.

Wonder slowly, lightly. With a carefree head.

Speak as you find.

5 alters ahead. In a chamber. Captains to give the ceremony.

(Long white gowns, covered heads, a band around the forehead, brass with crystals encrusted. Each band different.)

Visit each alter to collect the new energy.

Each one is different - a start, a goal, an idea, a finding, an ending.

Collect the energies into a purse - like tokens.

The key to the new home.

Some combinations will bring instant freedom.

(You can choose) others for higher progression.

No choice to stay though. A page must turn.

Not all will meet up again in this new home, but know that we are all safe.


East home has a Master.

With instructions for guidance. Still have free will.

Exercised to daily complete, under the knowledge of Cirien.

No waiting, freedom. We have been expecting you to come. Page turns.....


Blue and orange to open pathways.

Bring the new with you.

Meeting others to join with, making changes of freedom.

Healing on a higher level, raise the standards.

Not the norm. Realise their gifts to share.


Implanted to the lower spine. Creating the space for the codes.

Codes of light. We will grow taller - stretching the spine.

More light into the human body. No pain or fear.

Raising the standard of bliss. Open to all who have the codes.

All this with just one visit. Be brave, take the code

Enjoy the shift

18,9,21,32,64,101,2, Code End.

Channelled 5/8/2021

(Making coats from black wool. Blend in with living area)

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