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Peace Channel. 13th May, 2021

Peace Channel.

13th May 2021


When you choose to walk amongst a peaceful land, your footsteps will be your guidance.

A heavy hat upon the walk to keep you mindful of what is to come.

A walk that shows you who you are, where you are from, and where you are today.

Tomorrow is a concept of needing to be elsewhere.

How does it feel to just be?

Three times, three people will be called.

Waiting to bring these changes to be at peace.

Who will you choose?

Pick a friend, pick a stranger, pick one in between.

To bring enlightenment to now.

To share in this heartfelt peace that is you.

Each time walk in nature, rain, sun,


Many colours will make your way, to build a picture, to make it form into reality.

Raise the drawbridge to the pathway. What image is there?

Large cogs turning as if in the head. Turning new ideas. Colour to bright.

51,22,3,18,15,7,9,12,6,5,21,39 …..

An energy of the truth comes forward, bringing tears. Sadness, yes, but an open passage to clear the mind. A dream of peace, in the heart, a oneness drawn inwardly. Feel this joy, open hearted – Greens, deep emerald winding through the passage. Fast, forceful, all encompassing. Slowly at its end, calming to allow it to be over.

Hear the higher voice within your head. Offering you a way, an inspiration, to be discerning in your choice.

Knowing all choice is good, valid. Running through, fast, excited, knowing it is so close now. Brightness fills my vision, Golden-ness. Light-ness. Rainbows.

Hold on to your true self.

Cover your mind – it is here.

How good does it feel? How grand is that life.

Hearing, seeing, being. Voice your joy in song, lightness. Harmonies, vibrations, beats.

When it flies, you’ll fly. Be ready, you are ready.

Jump, rain up – feel joy.

25,365,921,181,653,897,333 Code end.

Be at peace. Be at one. We are the peaceful one.

I am to the end.

Their description – We wear golden cloaks. We have black feet, a belt of jewels. A group of 6. Tall. From far yet beside you. Integrating into this world to listen.

Chinla means Welcome.

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