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Update March 2020:

In these strange times, people need healing and guidance more than ever.  A voice of reasoning to still the waters.

I am offering Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp healings and readings for donations of £20 +.  Please message for details.

 January 2020


2020 will be a year of ascension and spiritual growth.  We are moving into the 5th Dimension - rapid response and moving forward with relationships and creating foundations.  It is a time to be honest to your wants and desires, learning how to create the magic in your own lives.  In numerology 2020 = 4 and is the energy of long-term goal setting.  Formulating a plan that is practical and grounded.  The 4 supports us when we put effective and updated systems into the works.  

In January i have set the pace at achieving Sound Healing & Therapy Practitioner level to add to my treatments.  Exploring sound has been something I had begun many years ago with crystal bowls.  The opportunity came to use sound within my healing evenings and was very well received with my clients.  I am  integrating sound with my other therapies, offering bespoke treatments. 

May 2020 I have opened my crystal shop on line on Facebook called Crystal Inspirations. 


Jackie Hewitt and I began our Sound Baths early in 2019.  We have added 4 gongs to our instruments and changed the title to Zen Sound & Gong Bath.  Sound had a special way of bringing healing to people.  Adults are made of up around 80% water which responds to vibrations aiding healing on a very deep level.  BUT also amazing to maintain good health.  Currently we are visiting 5 different villages every month with a sound bath.  Look out for one near you very soon.


Continuing with one to one treatments, readings, healings, Auric-field Tuning, Reflexology, Gua Sha Facials, manicures and pedicures.  Group Healing and Meditation evenings, Group work, teaching Reiki, Crystal Healing and holding the Sound and Gong Baths.

NEWS I got married in February 2020 so you may see the addition to my surname

Mrs. Julie Turner-Adkin (or in some cases Julie Adkin)  It's still me!

I welcome you on my journey..........

On this website......

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