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The Green Wood

The building of four floors comes higher, each level a different place to discover where the next story will begin.


The green wood is secret, but to those who know will find a way to visit. Healings in abundance take place from there, produce Masters, higher thoughts, higher feelings, to pass on knowledge to discover their own too.

No books in this process but from the mind. Green and Blue to follow.


Using eath and woodlings to make the blend for the crown. Enhance thoughts. Widen the vision. Using cloth for the stomach, soft, dark colours, patterned. To bring in creation. The throat to be linked to the heart using yellow powder, paste like. For the head/crown, silken threads made into a band, white in colour. Surrounds the head. The ritual to pray. Set out your dreams, plans, ask to be higher.

- Sticks as wands to direct the spell (energy) Dances too - brings life into the thought.

-Bare feet to touch the earth.

-Holding ribbons. Music. Fire. All.

Each one will become theirself. Find a knowing of where to go. To know their own heart. In a far away place, but know it is home - their home.

1) Will their families follow?

A new creative of links will be felt. Another family, maybe leaving some behind. The heart will be full, strong.

2) What will change?

No one thing but everything. As it is meant to be. Time can wait. No set rules. May take more than one try. To feel safe.

3) Do we have to go?

You will end up there wether you 'go' or not. A destiny, soul pattern and journey. Always in the end.


The code of the portal can be reversed, a way back through memory. But time can not be held in suspension. Therefore the journey back may land you in strangers time. You can never be sure of the changes. Fix your mind to love, peace. Be it your focus. Where and who no longer important, for you will know or be there. The story is long but simple. Drive to seek the way. No human sourcery, pure light.

8,6,10,1. Think of three (code numbers) - to remember.

1,3,5 - to be the end.

21,21,12,18,6,15,1,2,8,9,65,85,89 Code end.


Channell 29th April 2021

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