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Shopping for Crystals

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I visited Little Gems Crystal Shop in Cromer, Norfolk.

I chose some beautiful dowsers for my students to use when taking their courses. Opalite, Blue Sandstone, Amethyst and Rose quartz are showing in the photograph. To use a dowser, word your question to only require a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

A wonderful orb fashioned from K2 is a piece I have admired for a while, so I was very pleased to see the crystal waiting on the shelf for me. Found at the base of the K2 mountain in Himalayas has a special ability to sharpen your meditation by using the spots to focus your thoughts

Caribbean calcite is a crystal I have never seen before and I was struck by the matt finish giving the beautiful colours the feel of a being on a tropical beach. I feel this lovely image of laying relaxing on warm sand will totally balance the client.

I hadn’t realised that the shop also sold essential oils. I heard another customer asking for some lavender for a bee sting she had encountered. So I chose some frankincense which I use in my attunements for my Reiki students. I know that the essential oils sold in that shop come from a local reputable source as they’re a good price too.

I spent around an hour in the wonderful environment, feeling relaxed having enjoyed the energy of all those beautiful crystals.

A great shop definitely worth a visit.

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