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Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

We shared a wonderful Sunday at East Ruston Village Hall in Norfolk discovering the next level of healing.

These 6 ladies had already completed their Level 1 and were keen to progress to offer the healing modality to help others.

Becoming a practitioner enables you to earn a living from complementary therapies. Some may choose to continue to offer healings for an exchange of energies.

A morning of meditation and talking about moving into the next phase. Choku Rei The Power symbol is continued to be the base of the structure. To wake up and stabilise the energy. Sei Hey Ki symbol to work on emotional and mental issues that no longer serve us. Students are encouraged to use this meditation weekly within their 30 day cleansing process, to help shift their own layers. An understanding of the self is key.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol used to send out distance healings. A much cherished part of the level 2 as it opens up extended healing abilities. Used to send to families who live away, giving comfort to all. Group distance healing can be very powerful to bring peaceful energy to world situations. Is all behind by sending love.

After lunch we practiced the 'healing and feeling' element of this level. Looking for energy leeks in the esthetician layer. Once filled in the aura holds a brighter light to continue the healing long after the actual session. Part of the magic. The students were willing to experience using dowsers too. Bringing in their intuition and heightening awareness of energy.

Each student received their attunment. Always a very special part of the day. Emotional and heartfelt by all. A gift of sodalite to help speak of all their wonder and brilliance. To speak their truth. Knowing they are perfect exactly as they are. Gifts of a lantern to show the light and Nag Champ to cleanse their workspace.

The receiving of a framed certificate topped the day to seal in all of these experiences. Practice, practice, practice is now the key to open new opportunities.

I love sharing my world. If you feel inspired to join in with any of my courses, workshops or personal appointments, please get in touch.

A video highlighting the day is available through this YouTube link.

With love

Julie 🦋

Healing Possibilities

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Julie Turner-Adkin
Julie Turner-Adkin
Mar 06, 2023

Congratulations to these wonderful ladies. Shine your light into the world 🦋

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