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Chakras: Brow Chakra 35 to 42 years & the return 84 to 91 years.

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

How chakras develop in relation to human years.

Brow/Third eye Chakra number 6 – Colour Indigo or Purple.

Age range of development 35 to 42 years. This is where you begin asking yourself if you’ve achieved all you want to in this life time. A great time for reflection and thoughts of where do you fit in now. Our mind and our thoughts are so powerful. It can change the way you feel about yourself and the world by how your thoughts are inside your head. The stage of intention is acceptance.

Located at the Third eye between the eyebrows. Pituitary gland. When a thought comes into your mind, either from something you see, read or just thinking, it is our reaction to this thought that governs our response and how it is returned. To become the observer is a valuable skill to practice. Not reacting or overreacting.

Front – Capacity to visualise and understand mental concepts. Centre for creative ideas. Back – puts ideas into action. (Ideas need to be grounded to complete manifestation)

Governs: Pineal gland, brain.

Relates to: Intuition, thought processes.

When out of balance: Worrying about the future (anxiety). Over thinking the past (depression)

Health and balanced: Clear third eye perception. Mental focus and sharpness of the mind.

Mind chatter is the most common reason for worry. When we focus on our worries nothing else can be clear. To practice calming the mind is a lifetime effort, achieved one day and not the next. A busy mind can drive us to distraction.

More Chakras...... return age 84 to 91

The Brow Chakra.

Often at peace with your lot by this age. Accepting of your life ready to move into the higher realms.

An acceptance of your life regardless of the journey. Acceptance of the paths you have chosen. Having a wider perspective on what was and what is. Life’s mystery no more. A knowing that health has and does play a huge role in the decisions you can make.

To have a quiet mind, focus and clarity - a life times work to achieve. To connect truly with your higher self.

Affirmation to bring openness:

My mind is open to new vision.

I expand my awareness through my higher self.

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