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The Beginning

What is the intention of a walk-in?

Once we saw only the truth

But we saw the truth not to be so.

Then we questioned our soul for why? where? how?

It became our new truth.

Small or large the story began

But not from a set date or time,

Just when it was so.

Life takes a different turn for those needing to be here.

To come the knowledge fitted into the space.

To pass on messages, lifestyles, ways of being

This may take many ways and not always with the first inhabit.

Often the birth child has clashed with the new soul, so it will retract.

Many lifetimes may pass as they move through dimensions looking for a host.

Some return to the pod without succeeding their mission.

A lonely family will benefit this higher knowledge being.

Their input can further them all.

First to seek a host.

Sometimes visit for a short while (can be many human years though)

then abandon or stay.

Purpose of heightened awareness, abilities to learn to

heal bodies through the mind.

To teach through example of the ordinary life.

Programs gifted into symbols, thoughts, colours are surrounding their energy.

A spark is passed over if children are born to carry on the implants.

Separate the souls into patterning for the realms.

This gives the personality quality of fairies, pixies, goafs, water lands,

earth beings and air.

An aspect of them to highlight their trait.

A walk-in is always a safe drop, but can be misplaced

therefore nothing will come from it.

The next ten years a calming of transplants to enable the previous

placements to flourish and become known.

Groups will form into meet ups. Seemingly random yet perfect.

Ages are unrelated as can be dormant until the timing is good to show up.

To pave a new world. To open channels. To set the new scene.

To become fulfilled, awakened, balanced and corrected. (to fit in)

Not always perfect, still some in training mode.

Can take centuries of worlds to find home

Breaking the cycle, bringing changes for peace.

Global differences. The ocean forms a pattern deep beneath.

Walk ways opening up to restore.

We can choose to accept what is coming.

Always have choice.

Be clear in your own world. Walk.

Channelled 1st July 2021

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