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Chakras: The beginning Birth to 7 years & the return 50 to 57 years.

Updated: Feb 1

How chakras develop in relation to human years.


Chakras are THE most important learning necessity for Reiki and Crystal Healing. To have a great understanding of the colours, energy, areas of the physical and etheric body and how they relate to the life of someone will accelerate your ability to carry out healings on yourself and others. Sharpening your intuition will be easy once you have grasped the basic principles of chakras.

For the purpose of crystal healing we concentrate on the seven basic chakras of the body. Chakras are vortex of energy throughout the body. Chakras need to be open. They can shut down from shock or accidents. It is becoming more widely known that the patterns of our lives are contained within the chakras and in the auric layer and have long lasting effects. This can be good happenings as well as the more unsettling things in our upbringing. No matter what you have experienced, the marks of those incidents held within our energetic system can be rippled and shifted to move us away from those repetitive thoughts.

Let us discover the chakras and see where you fit in.

Root Chakra number 1 – Colour Red

Age range of development is birth to 7 years old.

This is a very sensitive age where survival is paramount. Thoughts of needing mother/father, shelter and beginnings of going to school starting to discover others.

Located at the base of the spine. There is no back and front to this chakra, it just is. Rather like the foundations of a house they need to be solid and strong. This is the chakra that needs the most work to ensure the rest of the chakras remain in balance.

Governs: Tailbone, relationship to the ground, legs and feet, hip joints and pelvis.

Relates to Home life, security, tribe, right livelihood, being grounded.

Healthy and balanced: Thoughts and feelings in accord with actions, present in the now. Feeling comfortable in the home and with high energy levels. Confidence.

Someone who doesn’t feel grounded can be spotted as they are always trying to do too much. Taking on excessive responsibility, over thinking and overreacting both physically and mentally.

More Chakras ..... age 50 to 57 years

All 7 chakras have been explored and we finished at age 49. We then return to our base chakra at the age of 50. The Base Chakra return ages 50 to 58.

It can be a very marked time in our lives and can feel like a new phase has begun. In a way we begin to re-develop our initial grounding years. Home life, security, right livelihood and groundedness. Maybe wondering where we fit in now? A time when people are often drawn into their spirituality if not discovered earlier. A wonderful phase of discovery without the previous ties of our development. We feel able to take a leap of faith knowing this is our one life in this guise. A time to know we have less human years left than those we have lived. This can be very freeing to encourage you to live in the moment. Enjoy the next part of your journey.

Use this affirmation to ground and balance the root chakra.

I am safe,

I am home,

I am centred,

I am grounded.

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