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Chakras: Sacral 7 to 14 years & the return 57 to 64 years.

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

How chakras develop in relation to human years.

Sacral Chakra number 2 – Orange.

Age range for development is 7 to 14 years.

This is where you develop relationships away from your close family. Realise there is more to life than you thought. Beginning to move away from parents to teachers, becoming independent and seeking out your own thoughts.

Located around the reproductive organs. The purpose is sexuality and creativity. Stage of creation and discovery. Emotion of anger starts to develop. How you digest ideas.

Front of chakra – how you give out to others in relationships/partnership.

Back of chakra – how you relate to the outside world.

Governs: Reproductive organs, gladder, large intestine, small intestine.

Relates to: Sexuality, creativity, cash flow, self-worth, intimate relationships.

Healthy and balanced: Healthy equal intimate relationships, creativity flowing.

If a child is very nurtured and encouraged during this chakras development they can achieve great results. It’s just a matter of boosting their self-worth too.

More chakras ...... age 57 to 63

Return to the sacral chakra. This would have been the time that you are ending your working career. However, times have changed and many feel quite able to keep working for the social element as well as financial necessity. Often a time to find new relationships not just with others but with yourself. A time to create new ideas with confidence. Freedom from family ties to explore the self with nurture and confidence.

Affirmation for the sacral chakra.

I am creative,

I feel connected to all the goodness and abundance that life has to offer,

The sweetness of living easily flows through me, and I radiate this joy.

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