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Auricfield Tuning Practitioner Course

Wow what a fantastic weekend sharing the tuning fork course with new students.

I am particularly proud of this therapy as I have devised and written it myself. With influences from Eileen McKusick, my years of crystal healing and general knowledge of energy and sound.

Here‘s what one of the students had to say about the course :-

”Im really blown away by all you share with people! That workshop was awesome! Sad it had to end. There really can be no denying you are a fantastic teacher. Its like you create such a relaxed space that learning happens effortlessly. It is never easy to learn things. Out of our comfort zones, questioning ourselves, trying to remember the steps feels clumsy at the best of times, people we don’t know etc etc but really it was such a relaxed safe clean space, and so refreshing that you adopt a “keep it simple” stance!!! What you have created here feels like such a huge gift. I deeply admire how you 'do', truly playing a role in healing humanity.“ K. Sillars

High recommendation indeed. 😄

The next course is April 9th and 10th.

Please get in touch to book your place.

Julie 🦋

Unlock the memories held within your auricfield to release the triggers. Habits that have seemed unbreakable can be released with this therapy. Looking at chakras, ages, auras, using vibration and crystals are the perfect combination.

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