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The Sand Planet - Beyond the Universe

The Sand Planet

I was met by a being who told me they live on a planet beyond the Universe called the Sand Plant. The sand is a dark red colour and their land is quite barren. He stands around seven feet tall and has an unusually large head in the shape of a sphinx. He tells me they lay their babies on their backs, so the head becomes extended to activate the medulla oblongatta. This heightens their intuition right from birth. The modern-day Egyptians have developed usual shape heads so they fit in with society, only placing the mask on the corps to enable their return to the Sand Planet after death, he tells me. He is dressed in hessian type clothing with boots made from leather type straps, tied up his leg to the knee. A turban type headdress covers his head to protect him from the sand and the heat, which is very humid. Almost airless it seems.

He offers me his arm and we walk up a steep hill formed from this dark red sand. On reaching the top, we pause to look below at his village. There are many singular pods made by forming the sand into the igloo type shape. He explains everyone liv

es separately but the village come together for communal time. They are warriors who are commissioned to fight battles for other races and beings. They care little if they win or lose as the battle is not theirs to fight. But they always win. He has a melancholy feel about him. Calm, safe but distant too.

We walk down the other side of the hill into the village, and he leads me into his own pod. They are all quite small, and we both have to dip our heads to get inside. The interior opens up like a Tardis, white walls and so much space. There is literally nothing inside at all. Empty. He says they use their minds to bring whatever they would like into the room. He encourages me to think of a drink, its taste, and the vessel I would like it to be in. Thinking nothing will happen I begin to imagine a pure gold goblet filled with cranberry juice. He instructs me to hold out my hand and literally as if by magic the goblet appears in my hand filled with the suggested juice. Just use your mind he says. I notice the walls are bare so I begin to visualise a forest scenery with as much details as I can think of. Again, the picture appears on the wall almost in 3D effect. Then he ‘thinks’ of some chairs for us to sit on and of a table where we can place our drinks. He appears completely unfazed by all of this as for him, it is an everyday occurrence.

He begins to show me his life. The battles he has taken part in. The community of these beings. The Sand Men. As he speaks the pictures appear in holographic form between us. I feel as though I am not only watching but I can feel the emotions of each projected vision. He shows me the ships he has travelled in, at times being in command of the journeys. He must be an important figure in his community, but he states everyone has equality with each other. Even though they fight battles, their world is peaceful. They have no inner battles within their world.

He tells me there will come a time when they will refuse to fight others’ battles. Even he thinks this is pointless. I ask if he knows how long he has been a part of the Sand Men, the number he gives me I’m

unable to understand. He seems as though he has had many lifetimes, some of which have been over 5000 of our years. He reinvents himself once the work has been done. Rather like an ascended Master I ask. He laughs at this saying we are always looking for labels, but yes a bit like an ascended Master. I ask about family, wives. He says they are all from one, brothers (only males live in these pods) they are born from the sand. Wives are for humans he says. There is little emotional expression throughout our conversation. Every explanation or description is very matter of fact. Almost as though he has been born to do a job as his destiny. Without feeling. I ask about happiness. He says there is calm when a battle is over and asks me if this is the same as happiness. I guess so. So, yes we have happiness.

He says I should leave before the storms return which will block the pods up for a time, immeasurable time I’m thinking. Offering to walk me back over the hill, but I decide to make my own way back. He says to take my thoughts with me, my manifestations I hav

e created whilst in his pod. Keeping a clean slate, he explains. Left over thoughts can be read by others. As I return to the top of the hill I look back at the village and notice the pods are almost covered in the red sand. The storm has returned.

Why was I shown this? Was it the future or another dimension? I believe in the power of our thoughts creating our lives and this vision clearly confirmed its reality for me. Dream big, dream small but dream. Thank you to the Sand Men meeting and for sharing your wisdom.

Channeled during a healing for a client.

July 22

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