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A wonderful date 02.02.2022


A time of balance and harmony.

If this is a day where you feel harmony is lacking in your life, you will feel a pushing to balance things up. Try to just allow what ever to come to you knowing it is perfect.

In Tarot these cards are all 2's. See where they fit into your world.

Look to the No. 2 card The High Priestess, to follow your guidance. Enjoy your day of finding balance and harmony in all areas of your world

The High Priestess - accessing your higher knowledge, your intuition. Listening to your own guidance.

2 of Cups - making time for loving the self, good partnership, embracing friendship.

2 of Pentacles - balancing your finances also your energy. Keeping perspective.

2 of Wands - looking out to your desires. Maybe travelling or learning something new.

2 of Swords - knowing you always have choices.

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