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Inner Tranquility Yoga and Gong Bath
A great combination for a Sunday morning

Sunday 21st May 10.30 to 12.00
Sunday 9th July 10.30 to 12.00
Sunday 24th September 10.30 to 12.00
£15 per person Booking required

Join us for a relaxing 45 minutes of yoga synchronising breath and mindful movement, to reconnect the mind and body.  A connection which is often lost in our hectic lives. Using this to settle into the present moment on your mat, a place where thoughts and worries don't exist, where you can focus on your breath and take a little time for you in the now.  

You will hopefully leave the class feeling a bit more relaxed and ready to take on the coming week.

Bring an exercise mat, a pillow and blanket to keep you warm and comfortable for the Gong Bath.  Immerse yourself in a world of sound, where instruments are played over and around you, giving an unforgettable experience and time is suspended so the body can vibrate more energetically bringing deep relaxation, rejuvenation .....a zen like peace. Please bring a drink with you.


Sarah Knights of Inner Tranquility  

Jae Hewitt of Intuitive 5D Healing and 
Julie Turner-Adkin of Healing Possibilities are your hosts for this wonderful event with Karen
assisting with the setup.


Booking is essential as numbers are limited.
Your investment £15 per person


10.30 start through to 12.00.  Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand to settle into your place.

Hevingham Village Hall
Brick Kiln Road
NR10 5NL

Plenty of free parking available

Refunds are not available once your ticket has been purchased.

However, you may transfer your ticket to one of our Gong Baths or Drumming Circle evenings.

Sarah Knights can be contacted by clicking here - A message for Sarah

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