Zen Gong Bath monthly events

All Start at 7.00 p.m.


BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL            **Limited numbers**

You will need to bring your own drink, mat, blankets and pillows.


Wednesday at North Walsham Community Centre

Friday at Hoveton Village Hall 

Friday at Hevingham Village Hall

Wednesday at Mundesley 

£12 per session.

Sound Bath set up #soundbaths  #vibratio

Come along and immerse yourself in a world of sound, where instruments are played over and around you giving an unforgettable experience and time is suspended so the body can vibrate more energetically bringing deep relaxation, rejuvenation .....a zen like peace.

Suitable for all ages - an amazing experience.

£12 for a one hour session BOOKING ESSENTIAL Type GONG into the promo code at checkout.

The best way to experience a sound bath is to lay down so please bring a mat, pillow and a blanket or a sleeping bag. Seats are available if you wish.

We will be holding these evenings monthly. 


WEDNESDAY North Walsham Community Centre. New Road, North Walsham.  NR28 9DE We are in the Jubilee Room You can access this room through the main bar area.  However, if there is another function on and that room is occupied, you can go around the outside of the building to an entrance door there.  

7.00 Start at North Walsham 

Community Centre, Jubilee Room.

New Road

North Walsham

NR28 9DE



Wednesday 8th January

Wednesday 19th February

Wednesday 11th March

Wednesday 8th April

Wednesday 13th May

Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday 8th July

Wednesday 12th August

Wednesday 9th September

Wednesday 14th October

Wednesday 11th November

Wednesday 9th December

North Walsham Community Centre


FRIDAY at Hoveton Village Hall,


NR12 8DU  Near Wroxham

7.00 Start at Hoveton & Wroxham




Friday 7th February

Friday 6th March

Friday 3rd April

Friday 1st May

Friday 5th June

Friday 3rd July

Friday 7th August

Friday 4th September

Friday 2nd October

Friday 6th November

Friday 4th December


Hoveton Village Hall


7.00 p.m start at Hevingham Village Hall

Brick Kiln Road


NR10 5NL


Friday 31st January

Friday 27th March

Friday 24th April

Friday 22nd May

Friday 19th June

Friday 14th August

Friday 18th September

Friday 16th October

Friday 20th November

Hevingham Village Hall

Brick Kiln Road


NR10 5NL


7.00 pm Start at Mundesley Coronation Hall 




Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 17th June

Wednesday 22nd July

Wednesday 19th August

Wednesday 16th September

Wednesday 21st October

Wednesday 18th November


Mundesley Coronation Hall

Free car parking at all venues.

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