Sodalite Crystal Sphere

Sodalite Crystal Sphere


Sodalite Crystal Sphere 4 cm D

The power of this crystal helps you to find your voice and speak your truth.  As a sphere it enables the seer to enhance their true voice.  You will 'see' things as they truly are.

Stand included.

  • Sodalite Crystal Sphere

    Crystal balls or spheres are very personal to you.  They work best if you allow yourself time to get to know your crystal and program them into your own intuition and energy.

    Firstly cleansing the crystal under running tap water or spring water.  A period of time in the sunlight or moonligt to energise them before you begin to really get to know your crystal.

    Keep the sphere with you in your everyday life for around a week.  Either in your pocket or bag.  Taking them on each journey with you to share your experiences.  Placing them by your bedside or under your pillow each night.  Then you can begin to work with your crystal by asking for guidance and see the images form within the shapes of the inside of the quartz.

    You can of course, just open and enjoy your crystal!  No need for rules - just a suggestion.

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