Rhodonite Crystal

Rhodonite Crystal


Rhodonite Crystal is good for the heart chakra. The heart feels the emotions played out in our minds.  Often memories from past thought that keep you awake at night.  A great crystal to bring balance to the emotions with the black element helping to ground you.  

Heart issued are not always relationship based but can be about your dreams and desires.  Your dreams can literally happed whilst you are sleeping and rhodonite pushed them into reality.

You will receive one piece of rhodonite.  1.00cm x 1.5cm

  • When your crystal arrives.

    When your crystals arrive, it is a good idea to get to know them by holding each one in turn to see what they ‘say’ to you,

    You can keep them in their organza bag and put them under your pillow, in your pocket or handbag or somewhere you can see them easily.

    To cleanse them you can run them under the cold tap then put them in the sunlight or moonlight to charge them up.  You can do this every six months or so.

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