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Remo Buffalo Drum - 16“  Hand Decorated

Remo Buffalo Drum - 16“ Hand Decorated

This drum features high-quality Remo pre-tuned heads and Acousticon shells - stronger, lighter and acoustically superior to traditional wood-ply construction. 

The single-head Buffalo Frame Drum comes in six sizes, both with rope cross-suspension across the back and a mallet
Because these drums have synthetic heads, they can be used in any weather, being unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity another bonus is that they are suitable for vegans, as they contain no animal products!

Includes rope cross handle and soft felt mallet.
Rim Depth: 9 cm.

Each drum is bespoke and decorated by hand using acrylic paints. 
More designs available. 

Post is by signed for Royal Mail Track & Trace £12
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