EIP of DNA - Positive Thought Therapy


EIP of DNA - Positive Thought Therapy


The founder of this work, Margaret Ruby from Idaho USA quoted from her literature she said  “For years I had tried different ways to manifest health and abundance into my life. And then......I recognized blocked and resisted emotions were connected to physical and emotional illness, and I embarked on a quest to develop a specific technique to locate and remove these blocks. How could I permanently remove limiting beliefs?  I read everything I could on the Mind-Body connection. I researched ancient and modern healing arts, metaphysical books, and new-age books. If it was recorded, I read about it. I went to self-help and personal growth seminars. Basically, I took them all apart and put them back together in different ways. I immersed myself and experimented, with varied results. My life would improve, and then I would slip back into the old patterns. And I would try again.


Finally, ten years later...it was done. Simple. Clear. Effective. Written from experience and proved with success after success. This new technique, the foundation of all our energetic healing techniques, is astounding in its simplicity and effectiveness, is called Energy Interference Patterning of DNA (EIP of DNA). ”The EIP process pinpoints destructive core belief patterns that have resisted other therapies and that interfere with energy flow, resulting in long-term illness and emotional distress. When the core belief is pulled, released, and replaced with a high vibration, energy flows freely, allowing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance.Once our 12 strand DNA memory is awakened we then have access to the belief patterns being stored as stagnant energy around our cells that are creating disharmony, limitation or ill health.


12 strand DNA activation is a communication system that helps us to access the stagnant energy. It is a multi-dimensional communication system. Once the 12 strand DNA is activated another technique then pinpoints exactly where in our energy system we are storing this stagnant energy. Identifying the core belief that is creating the block or limitation within our life. Fears, phobias or that life just doesn’t seem to be working. However the disharmony may be manifesting in one’s life can be pinpointed with this technique and cleared at a deep cellular level.Stagnant energy from unresolved issues being held at a cellular level isn't always conscious as it may be genetic or from past life memory. This is what makes this technique so profound as this technique isn’t about thinking but about feeling. It is fascinating what is discovered and how easy it is to manifest a new reality. Once life force energy can flow through our cells the world becomes a joyful expansive place full of possibilities.


These treatments are still amazing with fantastic results. 

A treatment is £40.00 and the results are life changing!